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Race for GCW Zero v 1.1 (Neogeo Pocket emulator)

Race for GCW V1.1

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Hello all,
Here is a new emulator for GCW-ZERO, it is Race a Neogeo Pocket emulator :)
Picture (from Windows SDL version, the source code is compatible) :

You can download here :
- race GCW0 v1.1 : Race opk executables
Source code will be available soon on  my github
What's new since last OpenDIngux release :


V1.1 : 15/06/2013
  Add .ngc file extension
  Fix bug with uppercase/lowercase names
  Fix bug with skin if automatic launch of game
  Save current rom directory
  Zip support
  Clean up makefile
  Change R & L for Right & Left in menu browsing
  Add bad memory checking to avoid MSlug2 crashing

Enjoy :) !

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Deen0X's JXDS5110B First impresions

JXDS5110B First impresions

Hi everybody!, this is my first entry on this blog, and i want to share a summarize of my first impressions about this device. Hope you found useful and interesting!

I'm working with this now, testing and generating my review, but in advance i can tell that the device complies with the general requirements of an android player and regtrogamer in general. I'm enjoying testing this device, because playing on it is very nice and comfortable (today i played Nova3 for an hour, and is incredible to play these kind of games on a device of this size. Pleople on subway are so interested on my gameplay and the device!) ^_^

Of course, there are many problems yet and need to be solved by (Custom) Firmware and improving a good control device driver. My teammates (TheXSample team, Skelton, Tincore, etc) are working on it and they are so interested on this device, but for now please don´t ask for a custom firmware yet. If they can release a custom rom, will do when this is ready, not before, and for this please stop asking for it (is not helpful). For now, the only thing i can tell to you is that i´m using a very preliminary Custom Firmware (POC), but still need so much work on it.

This analysis has been created thanks to the device that Geekgoo.com sent to me, and you can found a english version on my blog (not a google translated, then apologize my english, hehe) and probably i'll update adding more impressions or info. You can found a Spanish version of the same article here.


This entry IS NOT A PROPER REVIEW. This is an article with my very preliminary feeling and impresions of the JXDS5110B that i'm testing just now.

Please take ti in mind that, as i told, this is only my impresions of the device, and in few days i will post a proper and full review of this, and most probably i will change my oppinion about some aspects of the device itself, because i will get more time to do testings.

It´s posible that i will use 5" devices such Gamedroid, Yinlips or JXDS5110 (the original version) to do comparisons about the device to help giving a clear idea about what i mean.

I'm not english spoken, and most probably this article (not a google translated this time) may have so much mistakes, but i hope the main idea and contents will be understandable.

General quality of the device

(First boot of the device and a quick check)

For people that know the original JXDS5110, they will get with a similar product talking in quality.

For those that don´t know this device, i can tell that the finishing and qualities are good in general, giving a very good feeling about materials and manufacture. The device apears to be "hardy", and is not a typical chinese device that do "cracks" when you press a little strong on it.

Para quien conozca la original JXDS5110, se encontrará con un producto muy similar en cuanto a calidades. Para quien no la conozca, decir que en general los acabados y calidades que se pueden percibir dan buena sensación, siendo los materiales robustos y que la consola en general "no suena" si la manipulo con las manos y la intento doblar (no se nota de plástico barato)

There is something that i realize and when i move hard the device (shake it), i can feel that there is something loose inside, that may be the battery pack, but this "sound" i only feel when shake strongly.

Device performance

This day (hours) i basically played some android games, and most of them runs without issues (all using the JXD mapping tool)


This game generally i get some issues when i try to run. Most problems i get are related to graphics glitches or on screen controls/buttons/mouse.

In the JXDS5110B, the game run normally, react correctly to touches on screen, or virtual touches generated by the mapping tool.

In general speaking, emulators runs wihtout need to do so much on them, but not softly. There is need to do some configuration, or optimization on the firmware to get them running fully smooth.

Hope for the review i will get more info about this.

Mapping Tool

I know there are so much people waiting for a Tincore driver and keymapper for this device, i must comment about the stock Mapping tool that get a (necessary) update from previous versions, adding these main features:

  • Add support for separated controls Left Stick, Right Stick and DPAD (This in 4 separated buttons)
  • The mapper now have autoprofiles. Now when you change between apps (games), the mapper saves automatically the current layout and load the new. (much in the same way as Tincore or Archos mapper do)

I found some problems with the mapping tool:

  • There is no support for [SELECT] & [START] buttons
  • The "camera" view mode is not envelope, this means when the virtual touch get te border of the screen, the movement stop, and this will means that is impossible to do acontinuous 360º spin around in FPS games.

The following video shows the mapper and some problems i talked about.

Summarizing of this first contact with the device

The system appears to evolves so much, taking as base the original JXDS5110 device. There are some interesting features that we can list in:

- Dual-Core CPU
- Capacitive Screen
- Dual Sticks
- Real analog Sticks
- Separated DPAD and Sticks
- Sinlge piece of plastic for DPAD (real DPAD)

What we lost?
- Analog TV Output, but this was lost in original S5110 with the Android 4.x update (JXD did not released a software or support for analog tv output, and the only way to use is with 2.x android version)

In general speaking, and as preliminar commentary, i think the device itself meet many requeriments of users from previous devices, and with a custom firmware, and a proper joystick driver, this device will be a base point to compare next devices will be released in future, talking about Android Gaming Consoles of course.

All depends now by the manufacturer and his disposal to meet with the scene, and repeat the success of JXDS7300B

I Hope write and publish the full review of this device quick as possible.

Please, take this as a preliminary guide about the device, and no way about absolut and final info.


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What the f … ?!!

(Sorry, I’m a little behind, as always.)

JXD 5110B Dual Core Android Gaming Console now available from Willgoo


Well, you’ve waited, even preordered, and now you can actually buy one for a measley $109.99 from here!

I repeat: a laughable measley $109.99 … from here!

Nick Nillo’s review of the PAP KIII

Here is NN’s review of this mysterious (hell, they all are) Dingoo-like device:

Great review, Nick. Henceforth, it shall be known as Dick Snake Player.

JZ4755 CPU. Now we know.

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How to choose an open handheld console

Having trouble picking a device? Don’t know whether you should get a JXD S602 or a Dingoo A320? How much RAM does each have? Which one has analog sticks? Well, head on over to http://www.open-consoles-search.com/ for the greatest thing since the openhandhelds comparison chart:


Have fun!

Interview with Paul Cercueil–OpenDingux guru AKA Ayla!

Courtesy of http://www.open-consoles-news.com/2013/06/exclusif-paul-cercueil-lauteur.html

[Exclusive] Paul Coffin, the author speaks of OpenDingux OpenDingux and zer0 GCW!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013 GCW , Interview , OpenDingux , Paul Cercueil No comments

It's been a while since we had not offered you a little interview. This time we decided to talk with Paul Cercueil, a leading figure of the OS OpenDingux and is very involved in the success of the zer0 GCW! If that name means nothing to you maybe its old pseudonym will enlighten you: Ayla.

Paul (he allowed me to call it!), Gives us in his interview the genesis of OpenDingux (OD) and how is the link with the GCW Zer0.

Without further ado, I invite you to discover the interview.

- Who is Paul Coffin?

A young French 23-year expatriate in Chile. I have a diploma in computer pocket and I'm almost finished my engineering in embedded and mobile networks cycle.

- Should we call you Paul Coffin or Ayla?

Just call me Paul! Ayla is an old nickname, I buried some time ago.

- You are the origin of the OS OpenDingux, how it comes to creating such a program?

In 2008-2009, I actively followed the "Craiginator" project before it becomes OpenPandora project.

I finally decided to buy a Dingoo A320 in late 2009, at the inception of Dingux on the console. I started to improve gradually as the RootFS sience had at the time in the decompiling and recompiling each modification. Then I met Maarten (mth) which at that time was working on a new port of the Linux kernel on the Dingoo, together with our neighbors to the project Ben NanoNote , which shares the same type of CPU (Ingenic jz4740).

The Ben NanoNote from Qi Hardware

The project was born OpenDingux about when we joined forces, each working on its part (the kernel Maarten and me on RootFS), although this is no longer true now. Since early 2010, we work in tandem on the project, we never really stopped.

A word of the question bothers me: develop and improve an operating system is not comparable to the development of a program by which I mean an OS contains a multitude of very different parts that can be developed and improved in parallel, which allows us to vary constantly that on which we work.

- OpenDingux arose from Dingux project Booboo, do you have contact with him?

This is not quite true that the OD was born Dingux project. Of course, we inherited some parts, but OpenDingux sharing much more with the Ben NanoNote project, and many others have been developed from scratch.

I have quite a few contacts with Booboo , our last discussion was in a long time.

OpenDingux on Dingoo A320

- What are the next steps in OD? (OpenGL, ...)

It is difficult to answer this question, mainly because we do not plan anything. I think the next part where I work is a new video driver, which is a necessary step before starting to develop pilot HDMI and TV-out. Or on "standby" function or the management of energy consumption ... This is not the work is missing.

- You are working actively on GCW Zer0, how did you integrate this project and can you tell us how was the work between the devs?

About a year ago, Justin contacted me and we Maarten, he wanted to market a new portable type-GP2X Caanoo console. He already had a few prototypes (the famous H-350) built, but it lacked the software part. The prototype ran on a pseudo-Linux installed at the factory, but really lousy, very ergonomic, without sources, etc.. In short, an OS that stood out in anything that we are used to seeing on the Chinese consoles.

GCW Zer0

The idea of OpenDingux as OS based on an open-source console immediately enchanted me. It's a little baby.

It is also a good card to play for my future, a beautiful line on my resume, and also a way to learn a max (I learned 100 times more working 1 year 3 years in OD school Engineer ...). SoJustin each sent us a prototype, and the port OpenDingux 'of the Zero was born.

So we all started from scratch, even if Zero has Ingenic processor as the Dingoo A320,most of the equipment needed new drivers. The beginning was the most fun: since we do not have the Linux source code factory, we had to write and run the "pirates" programs auscultate the equipment and study the behavior of the plant Linux to know, for example, the operation of the LCD screen, the way to turn on WiFi, how to read the state of the buttons and analog stick, etc ...

There is so much to do on this project that there is never a problem of organization is still working on different parts with few exceptions, in parallel, and each other informed of the progress and problems of each IRC.

- What do you think of GCW-Zero project and the console itself?

Zero project allows me to show my work on a product that will be launched on the market. What more?

The console is really good. The Dingoo A320 was not bad, but there is another class in boxing. The console is very ergonomic, the buttons respond well, the analog stick is accurate. HDMI and USB Host are dreaming of multiplayer games on a HDTV TV with Xbox 360 or PS3 controllers wirelessly. WiFi open fields possibilities: appstore, online multiplayer games, file transfers without cables ... [Editor's note: Our comparative test between Dingoo and Zer0 ]

And console the potato. We are far from having pushed to its maximum capacity ... I can not wait to see what she will be able to do once other developers have in hand, and also once they pay OpenGL ES.

- What is your level of involvement in the project beyond the development of OD?

I'm working on OpenDingux any more. All the business side does not interest me.

- What is the daily life of a CPOS programmer?

The same as everyone I guess!

- Other Activity PRO? Hobbies, Passions?

I wander in South America, I'm in Chile right now. In a few weeks, I'm going to Argentina and Uruguay.Travel, meet people, learn about other cultures, it's really what I like, so that now I feel like working in tourism in the computer ...

- What is your opinion on ANDROID and the explosion of Chinese consoles?

Android is great for phones. For consoles, I'm really not a fan. I have an Xperia Play, and although the screen and speakers are a good step up from those of the Zero in the end I never play it, because I can not stand the little jerks that are time to time. Play Sonic Zero gives the impression of playing on the real console, there's not a lost image, the animation is extremely fluid. The only other time I saw Sonic run so it was on the original Xbox. Even on PC emulators are not as fluid.

- What did you CPOS in your possession (DINGOO. ..)? Your opinion on each?

Just the Dingoo A320. It's a great console, once installed OpenDingux!

But I find it hard to adjust after testing the Zero. The grip is terrible, gives cramps, and the screen messes up the eyes (240x320 placed horizontally ...).

- What is your favorite console or PC?

The SEGA Dreamcast. [Editor's note: This is what a man of taste is recognized! ]

- What are you playing right now?

Actually, I do not play video games almost. Maybe an hour accumulated over a whole week, and especially to test the functionality of OpenDingux under development.

- The Xbox One has just been unveiled, what do you think?

Xbox what?

- What are your future projects (Chili, or elsewhere)?

Find work, I guess. Or continue traveling.

- Before this interview did you know Open Consoles.com? What do you think of the Forum?

I know the forum name. I never signed up above, discussions are much more oriented emulation development that is what interests me.

To conclude this interview, I just will indicate that the GCW Zer0 SE (Special Edition) are on the move to find the way to our homes and we will be able to realize the work of Paul and his colleagues! A big thank you to him for accepting this exchange and for the work done so far on OpenDingux!


A 3d dingoo-ie thingie … the PAP KIII

Comes with blue and red glasses … what on earth does it do? Not that this is remotely  likely  to deliver on anything it promises , but  ain’t  it just so darn intriguing ?

PAPKIII 3D 4.3" TFT Screen Game Console Multi-Media Player w/ Camera / FM / TV-Out - Black (4GB)

Anyone game to try, report back please!