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Obscurehandheld’s review of JXD S7300 with NCCE Firmware v1.0!

This review has been kindly put together and narrated by my brother and it demonstrates the NCCE v1 ROM. This ROM fixes a lot of the problems apparent in the JXD firmware, but does still have a way to go. Since uploading the video Skelton has released his XSample ROM, and Damedus and Vektor are about to release a new version of NCCE with mapping support for the right analog stick. We’ll make an update video in a couple of weeks just to show what’s improved, but for the time being if you’re looking for a pretty in-depth and unbiased review of the device you can check it out below.

Link to Damedus and Vektor’s NCCE v1 ROM

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Elcheapo LED projector perfect for handheld emulation on a 60” screen

This mini projector from fancrapatastic vendors of all the treasures of the orient, Tinydeal, seems just the thing for emulation devices, given its native resolution of 320 x 240, and its 4:3 aspect ratio!

Multimedia LCD Image System LED Projector 4:3 Ratio
Multimedia LCD Image System LED Projector 4:3 Ratio


Product Features:

  • This projector is capable of creating a screen from 17" to 60" - perfect for a dorm room or bedroom
  • The LED lighting system projects a brilliant image onto your wall at a 300:1 contrast ratio
  • It's equipped with tons of features, including lantern slide, picture zoom, 360 image rotation, and special SRS sound and audio effects to enhance your sound
  • Listen using the built-in speakers or plug into the headphone jack to keep the noise down
  • Connect your video game console or DVD player using the composite video RCA jacks, or plug in a USB stick or TF card with music or picture files - this unit plays back MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC, APE, and a variety of other formats
  • Runs at 4:3 aspect ratio
  • Specially designed for home use
  • Bring your digital picture to life
  • Plastic case material
  • Manual focus adjustable
  • Delivers good images effect with 320 x 240 native resolution
  • You can listen to music, view documents, videos and photos anywhere
  • Multiple input ports including AV-in, USB and micro SD card slot to provide flexible connectivity with peripheral devices
  • Equipped with 2.0W x 1 speaker with 3.5mm headphone jack input port

Given the positively laughable price of $80.26, feel free to dash to here to get one.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Ipega bluetooth controller for Android (and perhaps, IOS); best feature: the price!

I’ve run across this in my usual sauntering way from Tinydeal:

(IPEGA)Wireless Bluetooth Controller for iPhone/ iPad/ iPod/
(IPEGA)Wireless Bluetooth Controller for iPhone/ iPad/ iPod/

You can shell out twice this for a gametel, but why, when this seems to work just as well? Here are some videos of it in action:

There you go: how to turn your phone into one of them fancy Chinese android game player things for a mere $23.80 from Tinydeal.

Monday, March 11, 2013

The latest Dingoo A380E emulators in one spot

I’ve just come across this link, which appears to be fairly well maintained, of what appears to be all the A380 emulators and other community software, on one easy to find page!  This is a great resource – not hard to find, and sorry it’s late news – but better late than never!

Dingoo A380 Emulators, Games List and Support

« on: September 21, 2012, 12:46:41 PM »

Hi Everyone... This is the complete list of Emulators and games ported to Dingoo A380..
download links provided below...
some emulators need bios files, some games need original dos files etc etc... so this is the place to discuss about any emulation issue..
but providing links for bios files and roms is prohibited...
Note: Old firmwares may not support some emulators and games. so update your dingoo a380 with latest custom firmware...
download Alien Grey's latest firmware and emulators pack from here:
Follow the instructions given by Alien Grey.. Install the new firmware and add all emulators and games.. Enjoy...
List of Emulators & Games based on firmware v2.07.06:
Games Menu Item: "Emulators" (Emulators comes by the console)
Emulator File Path: Internal Memory/Emulator/
Sub Menu Item:                     Emulator:
CAPCOM system 1               nxu_emu.dge
CAPCOM system 2                     "
FinalBurn Alpha                           "
Neo-Geo                                     "               (-Add bios file to the roms directory)
Nintendo                                 fc_emu.dge
Super Nintendo                      sfc_emu.dge
Gameboy                                gbcgb_emu.dge
Gameboy Color                            "
Gameboy Advance                gba_emu.dge
Sega Mega Drive                   md_emu.dge
Sega Master System             smsgg_emu.dge
Sega Game Gear                        "
Games Menu Item: "SDL Emulators" (sdl emulators ported by d_smagin)
Emulator File Path: Internal Memory/Emulator/
Sub Menu Item:                     Emulator:
CAPCOM System 1                  fba_emu.dge (Based on FBA v0.2.96.71)
CAPCOM System 2                          "
FinalBurn Alpha                                "
NEO-GEO                                        "
Nintendo                                 fceu_emu.dge (fceu 320)
Super Nintendo                     snes_emu.dge
Gameboy                                gbgbc_emu.dge
Gameboy Color                             "
Gameboy Advance                 gbasp_emu.dge (gpSP)
Sega Mega Drive                   gen_emu.dge
Sega CD                                       "
Sega Master System            ggsms_emu.dge
Sega Game Gear                          "
Atari Lynx                                 lnx_emu.dge (handy a320)
Games Menu Item: "Open-Source Emulators" (dingux and other open source emus ported to dingoo a380)
Emulator Folder Path: External Memory/Emulator/
Default Emulators, those comes with the console:
Mame                       Multiple Arcade machine emulator
Openbor                   Beats of Rage Modded games emulator
ps                             psx emulator... (dont think much about it)
                                 need ps bios files....add it to the ps/bios directory
Midpath                    java emulator. supports mobile java(.jar) games
Chui's Emulators, ported by Coccijoe:
AES4all                      Neogeo Advanced entertainment system emulator:,1,0,0,71,596
                                    -(convert your neogeo zips to aes format)
dcastaway                 Atari ST emulator:,1,0,0,71,597
                                   -need Atari ST bios file.. rename it to "rom" and add it to the dcastaway emulator directory...
neo4all                      neogeo CD emulator:,1,0,0,71,599
                                   -need neogeo CD bios file. rename it to "NeoCD.bin" and add it to neo4all emulator Directory..
UAE4all                     Amiga 500 emulator:,1,0,0,71,598
                                  -need bios file.. rename it to "kick.rom" and add it to the UAE4all emulator directory...
Dingux Emulators, ported by Alien Grey:
dingux-2600               Atari 2600 emulator:,1,0,0,71,655
dingux-7800               Atari 7800 emulator:,1,0,0,71,654
dingux-atari                Atari 800, 800XL, 130XE, 5200 emulator:,1,0,0,71,653
dingux-cap32             Amstrad CPC emulator:,1,0,0,71,652
dingux-colem             colecovision emulator:,1,0,0,71,650
dingux-hugo               PC-Engine/Turbo Grafx emulator:,1,0,0,71,649
dingux-int                    mattel intellivision emulator:,1,0,0,71,648
dingux-msx                 msx1, msx2, msx2+ emulator:,1,0,0,71,647
dingux-ti92                 texas instruments TI92 graphing calculator emulator:,1,0,0,71,644
dingux-ti99                 texas instruments TI99 home computer emulator:,1,0,0,71,643
dingux-speccy            ZX specturm emulator:,1,0,0,71,646
dingux-thom               thomson T07 Home computer emulator (supports M05):,1,0,0,71,645
Dingux-vectrex            Vectrex emulator:,1,0,0,71,642
Dingux-Chip 8            Chip-8 emulator:,1,0,0,71,651
sdlvice                        commodore emulator:,1,0,0,72,659
sz-81                         Sinclair Z81 emulator:,1,0,0,71,638
Pokemini                    Pokemon-Mini emulator:,1,0,0,71,640
VMU-Dingoo              Sega Visual Memory Emulator:,1,0,0,71,637
OhBoy                       GB and GBC emulator:,1,0,0,71,641
Race-od                     NEO-GEO Pocket/Color emulator:,1,0,0,71,639
Dingux-np2                  NEC PC-9801:
Games Menu Item: "Open-Source Games"
Game Folder Path: External Memory/Game/
MrDrillux (ported by Alien Grey):,1,0,0,71,629
OpenTitus:                        ,1,0,0,27,612
                                              -need to add original "Titus the fox" dos game files.
Wizznic (ported by Alien Grey):,1,0,0,71,627
Dingux-chess (ported by Pottzman):,1,0,0,71,634
last-mission (by d_smagin):,1,0,0,30,572
Meritous(ported by Alien Grey):,1,0,0,71,630
K.E.T.M. (ported by Alien Grey):,1,0,0,71,631
Just4Qix (ported by Alien Grey):,1,0,0,71,632
Arkanoid (ported by Alien Grey):,1,0,0,71,636
Bermuda Syndrome (Thanks to DiegoSLTS):,0,0,0,26,660
The Legend of Zelda - Return of the Hylian (ported by Alien Grey),0,0,0,26,665
Games Menu Item: "SDL Games"(thanks to Ayla for SDL-Wrapper tool)
Game Folder Path: External memory/SDL-Game/
Digger:             ,1,0,0,35,433
Abu Simbel Profanation Deluxe Remake:,1,0,0,35,410
Noiz2sa:           ,1,0,0,30,295
OpenTTD:         ,1,0,0,29
Game Menu Item: "3D Games"(CPU clocked at 432MHz to get full speed for slower games)
Game Folder Path: External memory/3D-Game/
CZDoom (ported by Alien Grey):,1,0,0,71,635
                                               need to add original Doom .wad files
Hheretic (ported by Coccijoe):,1,0,0,30,601
                                               -need to add original dos game .wad files.
Hhexen (ported by Coccijoe):,1,0,0,30,602
                                              -original hexen dos game .wad files needed.
QuakeWS 3d (ported by Alien Grey):,1,0,0,71,628
                                                 -dos game pak files needed
EDuke32 3d (ported by Alien Grey):,1,0,0,71,633
                                                  -need the original duke3d.grp file
Latest Updates: d_smagin Ported a gbasp sdl emulator and Alien Grey updated his CFW to 2.07.06 with gbasp emulator support...
*******This list will be Updated*******

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“Unofficial” clone GCW Zero video

Josh Dimon  sent me the following:

From: Joshua Dimon <>
Sent: Tuesday, 12 March 2013 2:55 PM
Subject: Clone GCW Zero

Hi Larry,

I like to read your blog regularly, as well as dingoonity and openconsoles, opendora, XDA Devs and and other emulation forums.  I have made a video here of a "clone" GCW Zero in action:

This is an "unofficial" GCW Zero sourced from a Hong Kong company. It is called the H350. I bought this through Alibaba. It costed less than the Kickstarter GCW Zero price.  I found the information on the source of the device from this forum:,276.0.html

This device is not supposed the same as the real the GCW Zero.  I guess this means the software will be different. As for the device, it seems to me to be the same externally to the GCW Zero (looking at pictures I have seen of it),  I do not know what is in the real GCW Zero hardware inside. SNESFan seems to think that this device is an early version.

The PS1 emulator is working quite well IMHO.  I have not had time to test the other emulators. I will do more testing soon.

I am posting this because many people are interested in the project, and these clones.  I think people have a right to know information, so they can understand their options, and can make their own decisions on these things.

Thank you


Justin Barwick (GCW Zero dude) in fundraising attempt to buy (some) Atari rights; GCW Zero kickstarter pledgers say “meh” …

Actually, they say something stronger than “meh”, but this is a PG rated blog. Except for the boobies.

Justin Barwick, the organiser of the GCW Zero Kickstarter now has a new campaign (on a different fundraising board) to attempt acquire certain assets of Atari. This is the page for the new campaign.  The response of the masses on Dingoonity makes a great read for fans of torrid non-fiction. Start here!

JXD S7300B Price Drop at Willgoo

Happy days – the JXD S7300B is now US$149.99 from Willgoo here, or for super fast DHL delivery, it’s only $159.99 here! As always, if you use these links, you’ll help l’il ol me keep this site running. Cheers to you all!

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Another day, another … retro console: say hello to the RetroN 4

This one takes original SNES, NES, Megadrive/Genesis and GBA carts, for $69.99 from Hyperkin’s site.  Here it is in action:


RetroN 3 Review at Kombo

RetroN 3 Interview Part 1 at Neocrisis

RetroN 3 Interview Part 2 at Neocrisis

RetroN 3 Coverage at G4TV, Attack of the Show!

RetroN 3 Coverage at Gizmodo

RetroN 3 Coverage at en gadget

PawByte “Flyght” – another open source Console on its way

The PawByte Codenamed "Flyght" Console

That video was horrible. What really is this "new console?"
We agree, The PawByte nextGen Console is made via Linux(Currently testing ArchLinux version), does it's Program Store different than the others and heavily loves Open Source, ANYTHING.
Up til this point, we have kept a small media presence until we are ready to Kickstart, nevertheless we are hosting a LIVE Press Conference and we are getting the word out. Be ready to ask and have many of your questions answered.. 
We have a huge Press Conference coming up that will be livestreamed on March 14, 2013 at 8pm CST(GMT-6).
Join the Free Public Event here
For those interested in more pre-KickStarter events and news you can sign up for our newsletter
Q:How long has this Console been in development?
A: We have been working on the console and hashing out things since early February 2012.
Q: Aren't there enough new consoles out there and sprouting up? Why not join them?
A: We are happy to see that many other people are thinking as we are, but the current nextGen projects do not fit our interests or plan for the gaming and entertaiment industry.
Q: How can I keep in the loop about everything happening?
A: Join our NewsLetter
Q: How long has your newsletter been active?
A: We signed up for MailChimp on July 4, 2012 and sent our first e-mail out on July 12, 2012
Q: Cool I will like to develop a game/program for this new Linux based console. How can I?
A: Great! Please e-mail us at and we will let you know how you can get your game/program on our system.


Prototype Stats

  • Architecture: x86
  • Ram: 8GB
  • HardDrive: 64GB
  • GPU: GT 520
  • Output: HDMI
  • 2 USB Ports
  • OS. Custom Version of Arch Linux

Planned Stats for system

  • 4-8GB RAM
  • Hopefully 1TB HardDrive
    • Due to Online Game Store, Downloadable Game Media and save files.
  • -DVD Drive(for game discs and DVDs of course)
  • We don't think we can outdo Sony in terms of price and quality for blueray right now...
  • GPU/CPU undetermined yet
  • Flash storage amount undetermined as well.
  • HDMI and AV Output up to 1080p(unless something better comes out on other nextGen consoles)
  • 4-6 USB Ports
  • WiFi and Ethernet
  • Wireless support may be through Bluetooth or another method one of our engineers is proposing
  • OS: Custom Version of Arch Linux
  • -$Price undetermined

-Of course there are more specs, but we though those will be the most important ones to list here

-All of these specs are subject to change, but that is what we've been working towards.

For pricing we are considering between $150-$250.

Known Press Coverage Thus far

Open Consoles News

- March 01, 2013 - Article

Not Enough Shaders
- October 25, 2013 -  Interview/Article
Indie Graph
-January 10, 2013 - Article
- August 8, 2013- Interview/Article

I will update this post more, but until then go to for more information about this new console and how you may be part of it.

You know what I know … keep watching!

DOSBox ported to GCW Zero!

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