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New finalburn advance for Dingoo A380 released

Re: Dingoo A-380 Custom Firmware V2.05.03

« Reply #359 on: December 25, 2012, 12:50:22 PM »

Here's a X-mas present.
It's the latest fba-a380 version from d_smagin. I compiled it because it's a lot better than the old version.
Fixed loading screen.
Fixed CPS1 sound.
Fixed loading some CPS2 games.
Fixed loading some NEO-GEO games.
Download fba-a380:

“Hello World” on long forgotten Gemei GA330

Anyone remember this device from circa May 2011?

Serious work was done by Booboo on getting dingux onto it, but he hasn’t been involved in the scene for quite some time, and there has been no action on the Gemei GA330 device since. So Steward doing this offers a sliver of hope:

"Hello, world!" code and boot from SDCard

Hi, after one day working to disassembly Booboo's rom.bin(SDCard binary file).
Now, i have modified the disassembly file to assembly code and this code cab be compiled as binary file.
this binary file cab also be burned to 2G SDCard and show some initial message(Hello, world!) via uart(rs232).
i think this is a small milestone to hack ga330 game handheld.
i will continue to do such thing and find out all registers(if i can). :)
all steps as following:
uart line as following:

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Nick Nillo’s Production GCW Zero review!

Is this the start of actual deliveries for the GCW Zero? Thanks to Nick Nillo for the heads up!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Can’t wait for an OpenPandora? Build your own with a Raspberry Pi

It took a long time (relatively speaking) but Nathan Morgan built his own mini-laptop using a Raspberry pi and readily available bits and bob.  The whole thing will cost you a little more than the $35 for the Raspberry Pi alone, but is still a considerably quicker and cheaper option than waiting on an Openpandora … read the whole story here.

Mobile Raspberry Pi Computer to go

Gotta love the bulk that this thing ends up being! Eats iphones for lunch.

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Willgoo Christmas Week #3 Contest: Compose a song about Electronics

Starting! Week #3 Contest: Compose a song about Electronics

« on: December 15, 2012, 06:31:26 AM »

Week #3 ( 15th to 21th Dec 2012)
This week’s contest: Compose a song about Electronics
OH, Jingle bells, jingle bells,
Jingle all the way…

Yes, Christmas Day is almost there. We hope our contests bring you happiness and fun. In this week we want to do something more interesting. We will require you to compose a song which should include word- “Willgoo” in it. You “song” may be used in our video reviews for products! Here are rules for this week’s contest:
1. This song should be included word- “ Willgoo” at least once.
2. This song is about electronic- I suggest you a group of styles: Hip Hop, Electronic, Dance, Guitars etc.
3. You can use some apps on the market, such Caustic, Sunbox or similar, or any software from PC such Fruityloops, or any instrument (guitar, chords), etc.
4. We're asking you to send an actual song here, not just lyrics.
5. People can modify their “song” any time before 21th, Dec 2012. We will refer to your final version when we pick the winner
6. Your entry must be submitted as a reply to this thread, submit your entry between 15nd to 21th December, 23:59 GMT.

7. We prefer to the original designs- do not just copy from others. You can use the idea from other songs but need to make something original from you. No limited on the long of the songs, but do not make it too short.
The prize will be one unit JXD S5110!

« Last Edit: December 17, 2012, 03:02:38 AM by willgoo »

Go here to enter!!

Thursday, December 13, 2012 reviews the Archos Gamepad

Here’s a massive comprehensive English review of the new Archos gamepad from  Click on the link to enjoy …

Yinlips YDPG17 now slashed to $69.99 by Willgoo

Willgoo have lowered the price of the YDPG17 to $69.99 from its original 80.99! The YDPG17 is Yinlip’s challenger to the JXD S60X series, but has a better build quality and screen overall.  At these crazy prices, they won’t last …

Heck, used to be a single N64 cart would’ve cost you more than this pittance. So click here to get one for Christmas, at this new great price!

Yinlips YDPG27 now available

Yinlips has now released their new 7 inch open gaming tablet, the YDPG 27!

You can get one here from Willgoo for $119.99, postage included.

Here are more details:

At a glance:
7.0" HD five-point capacitive touch screen
Android 4.0 OS, WIFI
CPU :1.2GHz, RAM :512M
Dual camera for DC&DV function
Virtual key mapping function and almighty simulator game
Wi-Fi wireless multi-player Kumite function(no need the internet signal connection)

Android 4.0 OS, 7" HD five-point touch capacitive screen
ARM Cortex-A8, 1.2GHz, DDR3 512M
Power VR SGX GPU, fully compatible with APK, 3D games
Unique private mould, dual loudspeaker stereo, fashionable appearance and ring heat emission design
Virtual key mapping function and almighty simulator game
Wi-Fi wireless multi-player Kumite function(no need the internet signal connection)
Wi-Fi business, Email, Word, Excel, online downloading, MSN, SKYPE, GOOGLE, etc.
More saturated colors, up to 60fps 3D games display
Front and back dual cameras for video chat and 1080P HD videoing
Support 1080P (1920x1080pixel) decoding; support RM/RMVB/PPTV, web TV, online movie
Support flash player 11flash display, support multi-input and handwritten input methods
Multi-channel output, full format audio decoding; multitask play; listen to music while reading e-book and playing games;
Audio and video HD output, multi-VGA, high definition display for enjoying wonderful movies
Support NGE&SGM format patent games and 8bit NES/FC, GB, GBC; 16bit SMC, SMD, SFC/SNES; 32bit GBA, MAME; 64bit N64 and SONY PS games
Support 3D PSX 480X272, HD 3D (800x480) android APK 3D game. Flash11 and Flash online games; support full screen touch games, gravity sensor direction games, web multi-player games
Powerful battery capacity; built-in power-saving software, lengthening more than 60% of battery lifetime

What better way to enjoy Christmas than with some quick MAME TMNT on a 7” portable screen? Here’s that link from Willgoo again, if you’d like to buy one this festive season.

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More GCW Zero videos – MAME, C64 and other stuff

While delivery dates for the GCW Zero are starting to resemble Openpandora proportions, here’s more videos for the indefatigable Qbertaddict1 to keep your interest pumping while waiting for that big day:

Archos Gamepad has button overlap issues–pray for a firmware fix

Midway into writing a review of the new Archos Gamepad, DeenOX reports:


« Reply #34 on: Today at 01:39:30 AM »

Hi guys!
i'm preparing a review of this device, and i found a problem that i think is interesting to post here.
i grab two videos about overlapping button (yes... there is overlappings... and many)
as i said on another forums, my feel is that these problem may be solved with some update from archos.
for now, i only tested with FPSe. now, i´m preparing other testings to add to my review. if i found any intetersting to show you before, i'll post here.

Follow that discussion here!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Warning, this will make you salivate - Archos Gamepad tested/reviewed by BAF!

And the great folk at have written a massive test here, for the exciting new Archos android  tablet that may actually DO IT ALL (read this!)! It’s on sale now, but only in Europe.  Can anyone report in on where this can be bought?

The review is in French, so if you can stomach the google translate, I offer the below as a public service with many thanks to

We tested the Archos Gamepad for you!
Thursday, December 6, 2012  Android , Archos , Gamepad  11 comments

Appointment was given Sunday with CAJL, administrator in a Parisian brasserie to put my fingers gamer on the new tablet Archos: the Gamepad.

For those who do not know CAJL and I invite you to read the interview he granted us cordially at the following link:  Interview.

It should be noted that these first impressions are more focused on the gaming console. Specs, part multimedia benchmarks and others are the strong point of CAJL ;) You can find the test here: Test CAJL .

And for others who remained trapped in their cave, a few reminders on the Gamepad.

Introduction to the Gamepad:

This is a tablet / console game running Android, provided physical controls to play without using the touch screen. As a gamer and especially retro -gamer, I must admit that the touch to play I have never packed. Apart from a few exceptions such as ScummVM, we must admit we do not find the flexibility and speed of the physical controls of yesteryear.

Following the current fashion some well-known Chinese consoles on Open Consoles (JXD, Yinlips), Archos us lay a machine rather well endowed in terms of both power in simplicity.

First, some specs, so that we know what we are talking about:

- Android 4.1
- 7-inch Screen - Capacitive - multi - resolution 1024 * 600
- 8GB of internal memory
- 203 x 120 x15 mm for 340 grams
- ARM Cortex-A9 Dualcore, Mali 400
- 1GB of RAM
- About 6 hours of battery life

Grip and ergonomics:

Having neither hands nor lumberjack fairy fingers (basically hands "normal"), it is really like any tablet and it is relatively thin as the controls are accessible easily.

It will be virtually no need to remove your hands once a game is started, since all the buttons are placed near each other. No need to get on one side of the console to find the START or SELECT, they are in range of thumb movement.

I have not been able to try the L2 and R2 buttons, I do not know if their location is really wise and practical to use. It will be used either with the front of the thumb, or release the analog stick or twist a finger to press it. A test on the emulator PSX particular :)

The screen - multi touch:

The image quality and resolution are of good quality. The colors stand out well and bright screen as you can see on the video. Being in a dimly lit, I could play without problem.

It is very pleasant to navigate through the menus with the touch meets the finger and the eye. Not had the opportunity to test the multi, but in general it does not worry too much so do not worry.

Obviously, the resolution is not suitable for some games on emulators, so it will play options for the best possible display depending on the platform. If you want the Full Screen, expect a distortion of the image, but this is not due to the console of course. So it is according to your personal tastes you enjoy or not the size of the screen. A 3.5 "or 4" is generally more appropriate.


On this side, I can not tell you the place is rather noisy. But at first sight (or hearing) the fact that the speakers are placed in front of is a more sound level. The hands do not usually cover the fact that we live sound.

This is a point that I regret a lot of other consoles, the rear sound is often worse and especially masked by the fingers when playing. No worries here.


Here is one of the most important and crucial to use this machine as a real game console

There are good and bad points in my opinion.


* Side good points, we have all the controls at your fingertips and it's very nice. I did not expect to find L2 and R2 so it's a good surprise.

* In all games and emulators that I've tried, buttons and triggers responded perfectly, without lag as I could have on the DROID X360. They have the same 'feel' than some consoles like Yinlips Chinese (G18), ie they do not 'clack-clack' and we should not support such a nag to trigger action.

* As I said earlier they are generally well placed (including START and SELECT) and finds its feet quickly.

* Two analog pads separated: this is another VERY good point. Suffice it to watch the video with Shadowgun to realize that it becomes very easy to get around and look in all directions as we can do on our nextgen consoles (PS3, 360 ...)

* THE pleasant surprise this console, it is unquestionably the map included in the system. As you could catch a glimpse of the video, there is a tray icon that allows Android keys directly map physical versus tactile keys.

This means that you can assign a hardware button to a button touch easily and even export our setup for a friend who loves the Gamepad and our mapping. This is a simple text file that you can tweak to adjust the settings.

Archos announces a hundred titles compatible with this map including Shadowgun, Assassin's Creed, ePSXe, Nova 3 ect ... List available on request ;)


* However, and this is a personal opinion, I think the D-PAD buttons are a bit too spaced a few millimeters. Caused the problem: make diagonal.

* Many retrogamers will want to replay the SNES or NEO-GEO particular, and out of hadokens may be a little hard for some. I remember that I was not able to test it very long, but that little detail bothered me. Just watch the video to get an idea of ​​the spacing.

* Regarding the analog pads, I also regret to find those consoles and JXD Yinlips Chinese guy. Ie pads a little hard and inflexible as it can have a 3DS in particular.

Now this is a subjective judgment, everyone to his own opinion ;)

Side games and emulators:

As you could see from the video games like Shadow Gun becomes a pleasure with appropriate controls. To move the character and the camera is a real plus that we missed on current consoles Android.

Side emulators, I tested the N64, PSX and Megadrive (I wanted to do more, but there was no time). Overall the results are good, I have not detected a problem with key combos. But if you know: the triggers that do more because we press another button at the same time, or two button presses give another action as a START or SELECT ... Grrrrrr.

N64 for anything in particular. Mario Kart turned without jerks.

On the PSX, I tested quickly Tekken 3 and I think it lacked a bit of speed compared to the original, you'll have to compare.

On the Megadrive, including Sonic, I could feel a very slight frameskip (same set) but again it will test deeper.

What's better than a video?

And here is the video of the mini-test, enjoy: D



I think those who have pre-ordered the game pad should not be disappointed with their purchase. I wonder if Santa is not going to file a under the tree: D

From what I have been told CAJL, part multimedia (movies, internet) is very good. The screen size can make it enjoyable internet browsing and watching movies.

Regarding the gaming part, I think we are dealing with a machine in good quality / price ratio. Having a French product is a definite plus, especially with respect to the support. It may be much easier to access that service when buying abroad, including China.

I was pleasantly surprised integrated map that will quickly and easily configure its keys. More be separated analog pads is a huge plus for all FPS games.

Autonomy seems excellent as hopefully about 5:30 before use through the charging box.

Now she can not please everyone. Its size can not store it in a pocket, so plan a suitable protective cover for transport.

I did not like the D-PAD as I explained earlier due to the spacing of the buttons, so I turned quickly to the analog stick instead.

At each now has his own opinion ;)

For those who are interested, you can order it now on Amazon Marketplace and Rue du Commerce, happy hunting: D And by the way do not forget to read the excellent article CAJL: Link

Some pictures:


I thank the passage:
- CAJL for having made available and that I try the console
- Archos for giving permission
- K0en for making the link with CAJL



UPDATE from DeenOx:


« Reply #34 on: Today at 01:39:30 AM »

Hi guys!
i'm preparing a review of this device, and i found a problem that i think is interesting to post here.
i grab two videos about overlapping button (yes... there is overlappings... and many)
as i said on another forums, my feel is that these problem may be solved with some update from archos.
for now, i only tested with FPSe. now, i´m preparing other testings to add to my review. if i found any intetersting to show you before, i'll post here.

Naxaras’ JXD S602 Custom Script now confirmed working on JXD S603

Indask8 reports:

Re: [SCRIPT] Update!! Naxeras 1.2 RCO for JXD s602 Root, Clean, Optimice and more!!!
« Reply #150 on: December 09, 2012, 12:34:42 PM »
I have a good news for JXD S603 owners, the script is compatible (tested with 0814 firmware).

Only issue, you'll loose the front camera if you don't modify the script.

To fix this you only have to go into the files/clean folder open build.prop and modify the ro.gplus.CMOS_SENSOR_2 value like this:

it should be enough.

Go here for the full thread!

Willgoo Christmas competition week #2–Win a YDPG 17!

Starting! 2012 Christmas Contest- Week #2
« on: December 08, 2012, 09:36:44 AM »
It is hard for us to select the best design in last contest. Finally we pick out mezgho's design. Congratulations! As Christmas Day is coming near, our contest is on its way going to Week #2:

This week’s contest: Create a Slogan to Willgoo

Still envy the winner in our week #1 contest just because you are not good at photographic? Well, you still get chance to win as we have three more contests in this month. No more PS this week but we require you to create a slogan to Willgoo.
Many of you here may be familiar with Willgoo. If not, just visit : It is easy to get a general idea on what Willgoo is. Baring in mind that those interesting and meaningful slogans will get more attention from us. Check the rules for this contest:

1.   Slogan can be a short phrase or some words. Keep them as short as possible.
2.   No any offensive, Racism words in this slogan
3.   Do not copy from others. We prefer the original one.
4.   Your entry must be submitted as a reply to this thread (you can enter this contest more than once as you want- multiple slogans can be accepted!), submit your entries between 8nd to 14th December, 23:59 GMT

Want to get one more prize, Mr winner from Week #1? Yes, it is allowed as every people can enter as many times as they can- no matter they win or not in our certain contest.

The prize for this contest is one unit Yinlips YDPG17:

Remember, go to this dingoonity thread to enter!

JXD S5300 (a 5 inch version of the JXD S602) released

JXD has now released its new JXD S5300 model – essentially the popular (for this sort of thing) JXD S602 with a 5 inch screen and form factor, and you can get one now from Willgoo here for a mere $89.99! This baby talks to the JXD S602 – see the video below.  Think of this as the JXD S602 XL of the JXD 602’s, a la Nintendo’s NDS XL range … oh fuggit, JXD really needs to work on their marketing budget!

I’ll let willgoo do the talking:

Good news! The first batch stock of JXD S5300 had been well received. You can place your order for it now here!

An interesting finding from us- JXD S5300 can be linked with JXD S602 to play games:

What do you think of this new device? It is a new device whose features and design combines JXD S5110 and JXD S602- the real capacitive touch screen and with the WiFi-Direct Multi-playing and key mapping, whose features that JXD S5110 do not have. And it owns 5 inches capacitive touch- not sure if it is 5 points as we need to test it, bigger screen than JXD S602 and better touch screen control.

You can compare it with JXD S602 and S5110. We will bring you more details for this device in these coming days.

Here is the general gaming reviewing that we took from JXD:

At a glance on JXD S5300: (information gained from JXD official site. We will test the device once we get the prototype)

1. Manufactured Root+ USB debugging

2. 5.0 inch(800x480), capacitive touch screen

3. All games icon display, display all the games in the machine and TF card

4. 1GHz CPU+ 512MB DDR3

5. WiFi Direct Flight

6. Virtual Buttons Mapping

7. HDMI Dual Screen Display

Here are pictures taken by Willgoo:- note: the cleaning cloth with Willgoo logo is a small gift for you!


The Testing from Antutu- I am sorry I am so bad at taking photos on it. Hope you guys can see it.

Tempted? Here’s that link again to buy one!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Monday, December 3, 2012

Willgoo Christmas Competition

Ho ho ho! ‘Tis the season to git an Android gaming device … for free! Enter now!

Christmas Contest 2012

We have decided to hold 4 Christmas contests from 2nd to 25th Dec one contest in one week! We will give away on prize for each contest!

Everyone should be able to enter at least one! And if you want, you can even enter all 4 of them.

Week #1 ( 2nd to 7th Dec 2012)

This week’s contest: Design a Christmas Theme Card.

As we see, there are many talented guys that want to participate on these contest, showing their creations.

What we're asking you this week is to design a Christmas Willgoo themed card (by card, we mean a simple JPG/PNG non-animated image). Check the rules for this week:

• The card must contain the words "Willgoo 2012"
• The image you submit must be a non-animated JPG/PNG image. Post it in this very thread.
• Keep the source project file (PSD, PSP, etc.) as we may ask you to send it if you win.
• Your entry must be submitted as a reply to this thread, submit your entry between 2nd to 7th December, 23:59 GMT.
• The card must be original (not a scanned or copied image from another card or similar, excepto draws made by hand). You can use parts of another images to reate a new composition.
• The image may be created manually (draw), but you must take photos about the process and scan the final work.

The prize will be one unit JXD S602!

Remember, rush over here to enter, and good luck to you all!!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

The openhandheld comparison chart to rule them all has been updated!

If you’re struggling to tell your YDPG-19 from your JXD-602, there has now been an update to the fantastic open handheld comparison sheet, and you can find it here:

It now features the specs of 27 devices, in an easy to compare table. Kudos to BA Felton for making this!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Better late than never: PPSSPP (got that?!) PSP emulator for Android released!

OK, this is not fresh news, but it is important news, not covered here before.  Check out this thread on the XDA forums for more information, and the video:

Anyone game to test it on those consoles we know and love?

DOSBox for Dingoo A-380/A-320e !

DOSBox for Dingoo A-380/A-320e

Here's DOSBox for the Dingoo A-380 and A-320e.

Don't ask for the source code because I didn't recompile it. I've been reading about DOSBox on the Ritmix RZX-50 and I thought if it's possible it should work on the Dingoo A-380 too. I decided to give it a try and changed the configuration settings and to my surprise it runs on the Dingoo A-380.

Here's a test version for the Dingoo A-380 and A-320e. I hope it's good enough to run some games. 


Source Code:

Read more here:

Thursday, November 22, 2012

New version of Gamekeyboard released for Android gaming consoles!

apeine from our forums reports:

Ok, folks,

A new gamekeyboard version (3.0.0) just came out yesterday, and YES, it does work on ICS. There is a new option "Advanced input detection", along with mapping all buttons and all hardkeys to such buttons. Just run your prefered game, position your controls and hide the keyboard! Voilá! Games running with physical buttons.
So far, I got Gangstar Rio to run well (in this game, you don't press the keypad on screen, just slide it). So choose this option on gamekeyboard and you are fit to run.

Alien Grey changes location of A380 custom firmware


The download links for the Dingoo A-380 CFW are changed because there's to much traffic on my Dropbox account. I don't want them to close my account so I uploaded everything (CFW, tools, open-source games and emulators) on openhandhelds.

The emulator pack for the Dingoo A-380 CFW can be found here:

Home of the Dingoo A-380 CFW:

Please use the links to the A380 custom firmware so Alien Grey can keep his dropbox account!Smile

Fix the Original GBA’s screen - With the AGS-101 Mod!

Ruffnuts shows us how the Ggame Boy Advance’s screen should have been done originally, with the new AGS101 Mod!

Thought you might like to see the best GBA ever made with a back light mod,
Buy the way I got the full console from zerey as I was to lazy to do it my self lol

full console here

or kit here
or email zerey here fantastic guy great responder :-)

also check out dingoonity thread here

ruffnutts out :-)

And check out the great article on obscurehandhelds on the same mod here: succinctly explained as follows:

“But one clever dude in China has come up with an even better solution than the Afterburner, and it involves taking the far superior AGS-101 screen from an SP and fitting it into your GBA – all with the aid of one of his homemade ribbon cable adaptors.”

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Pang clone for Dingoo A380

Pang clone for A380

Pang clone for A380 :


Dingoo A380 Custom Firmware (Updated 5 November)!

Dingoo A-380 Custom FirmWare

Dingoo A-380 render by Santo

Enabled NEO-GEO zip support.
Enabled CPS1 fba support.
Emulator options fixed.
Added FBA to the emulators list.
Enabled sms support for SEGA Game Gear. (rename your *.gg rom to *.sms to run the game in SEGA Master System compatibilty mode)
Replaced the Japanese Language with the Dutch language.
Replaced the default icons and list select with the icons and list select from zipaway.
Moved the audio, video, picture and e-book folders to the external MicroSD.
Enabled bin and gen support for SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive.
Added Reboot.
Added Open-Source Games.
Added support for Fceu320. A full speed NES emulator. Thanks to d_smagin.
Fixed English language.
Full emulator names.
Changed ROM folders "fc" to "nes" and "sfc" to "snes".
Added Ayla's SDLWrapper to center the image from SDL games on the screen. Thanks to Ayla.
Added an Atari Lynx emulator. Thanks to d_smagin.
Enabled Nintendo (sdl) zip support.
Enabled Atari Lynx zip support.
Nintendo (sdl) game saves and configuration files are now stored in the "nes" folder.
Added support for the Atari Lynx emulator final version. Thanks to d_smagin.
Enabled Atari Lynx .lyx support.
Added a new Gameboy and Gameboy Color emulator. Thanks to d_smagin.
Changed Nintendo (FCEU) to Nintendo (sdl).
Added a new SEGA Master System and SEGA Game Gear emulator. Thanks to d_smagin.
Added a new menu item "SDL Emulators".
Added a new full speed SEGA Mega Drive emulator. Thanks to d_smagin.
Added a new menu item "3D Games" with CPU clocked at 432MHz.
Added a new "SDL Emulators" menu item "SEGA CD".
Enabled SEGA CD .bin and .cso/mp3 support.
Changed folder name "sdlgames" to "sdl-game".
Changed folder name "3dgame" to "3d-game".
Added support for a new Super Nintendo emulator. Thanks to d_smagin.
New in firmware version 2.05.03:
Fixed SDL Super Nintendo config and save/load state. Folder "SFC" no longer exists.
Enabled SDL Super Nintendo .fig and .zip support.
Game ROM compatibility list:
Emulators - CAPCOM System 1 - "game" sub folder "cps1" - ROM format .zip and .fba
Emulators - CAPCOM System 2 - "game" sub folder "cps2" - ROM format .zip and .fba
Emulators - FinalBurn Alpha - "game" sub folder "fba" - ROM format .zip and .fba
Emulators - NEO-GEO - "game" sub folder "neogeo" - ROM format .zip and .fba ( with the BIOS files is necessary to use zip format)
Emulators - Nintendo - "game" sub folder "nes" - ROM format .nes
Emulators - Super Nintendo - "game" sub folder "snes" - ROM format .sfc and .smc
Emulators - Gameboy - "game" sub folder "gb" - ROM format .gb
Emulators - Gameboy Color - "game" sub folder "gbc" - ROM format .gbc
Emulators - Gameboy Advance - "game" sub folder "gba" - ROM format .gba
Emulators - SEGA Mega Drive - "game" sub folder "md" - ROM format .bin, .gen and .smd
Emulators - SEGA Master System - "game" sub folder "sms" - ROM format .sms
Emulators - SEGA Game Gear - "game" sub folder "gg" - ROM format .gg and .sms (rename your .gg ROM to .sms for SEGA Master System compatibility)
SDL Emulators - Nintendo - "game" sub folder "nes" - ROM format .nes and .zip
SDL Emulators - Super Nintendo - "game" sub folder "snes" - ROM format .fig, .sfc, .smc and .zip
SDL Emulators - Gameboy - "game" sub folder "gb" - ROM format .gb
SDL Emulators - Gameboy Color - "game" sub folder "gbc" - ROM format .gbc
SDL Emulators - SEGA Mega Drive - "game" sub folder "md" - ROM format .bin, .gen, .smd and .zip
SDL Emulators - SEGA CD - "game" sub folder "scd" - ROM format .iso, .bin and .cso/mp3
SDL Emulators - SEGA Master System - "game" sub folder "sms" - ROM format .sms
SDL Emulators - SEGA Game Gear - "game" sub folder "gg" - ROM format .gg and .sms (rename your .gg ROM to .sms for SEGA Master System compatibility)
SDL Emulators - Atari Lynx - "game" sub folder "lynx" - ROM format .lnx, .lyx and .zip
Note: You need an External MicroSD to use firmware V2.00.25 and later or you cant use the Audio Player, Video Player, Pictures and E-Book because the folders to store the files are moved to the external MicroSD card. I did this to have more space for game ROMs on the internal MicroSD card. Open-Source Emulators is linked to the "emulator" folder on the external MicroSD card. Open-Source Games is linked to the "game" folder on the external MicroSD card. SDL Games is linked to the "sdlgames" folder on the external MicroSD card. They show only the dge files. I've used an online translation program to translate Open-Source Emulators, Open-Source Games and SDL Games for the firmware. Let me know when it's wrong so I can fix it.
NEO-GEO zip format:
Download and extract the Dingoo A380 FBA Conversion Tool from Dingoo Technology. Copy the from the rom folder to your Dingoo A380 "game" sub folder "neogeo" with your neogeo rom zips. Don't try to rename the zips or it won't work.
Note: A list of Neo-Geo games that work as a zip can be found here:

Thanks to retrodd and Santo for making this list.
Original Dingoo A-380 emulators:
It's now possible to change and save the emulator settings. Changing brightness doesn't work with FC/Nintendo. Frame skipping isn't possible. The setting always returns back to 0.
Warning: Don't update the firmware if it's important for you to have the equalizer settings for the Audio Player. Dingoo Technology removed it in firmware V2.0016.
Firmware download:

Download Old Firmware V2.04.02:
Download New Firmware V2.05.03:
Download Original Dingoo A-380 Firmware V2.0016:
Note: Use "Restore Default Settings" the first time you use a new firmware. Run every application in the firmware to create the necessary folders and sub folders on the internal and external MicroSD cards.
Emulator download:
Dingoo A-380 V2.05.03 emulators:
Added dingux.ti92:
Added dingux-ti99:
Updated SDL Super Nintendo build by d_smagin:

Disk Image Writer for Windows:
MiniTool Partition Wizard:
SD Formatter:

Note: Don't let Windows format the MicroSD card. Just write the image to the MicroSD card and safely remove it. If for some reason you have to format it use the SD Formatter.
SEGA CD - BIN to CSO/MP3 converter:
How to install the custom firmware:

Video from retrodd

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

JXD S18 Android 4.0 Tablet offer - $49.99 from Willgoo

Our very nice friends from Willgoo have a special on these little tablets that you can buy, play with and then use – at this crazy price - as a coaster if you wish. And what a coaster it would be!

Material: Plastic housing
Operating System: Android 4.0
CPU Type: Single Core
Processor Model: Cortex A9 AMLogic 8726-M3L
Processor Speed: 1.2GHz
RAM: 512MB
Memory Type: DDR3 SDRAM
Capacity: 4GB
Extend Card Type: TF/Micro SD
Max Extend Card Capacity: 32GB
Screen Size: 4.3"
Resolution: 480 x 272
Screen Features: TFT LCD screen; Resistive touch screen
Supported Network Type: Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n
Audio Formats: MP2, MP3, WMA, WAV, AC3, AAC, OGG
Video Formats: MKV, TS, FLV, AVI, VOB, MPG, DAT, RM, MOV, 3GP, MP4, WMV
E-Book Formats: TXT, PDF
Image Formats: JPG, BMP, GIF
OSD Languages: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Bulgarian, Spanish, Czech, Danish, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Greek, Russian, Spanish, Finnish, Hebrew, Hindi, Croatian, Hungarian, Indonesian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Serbian, Thai, Filipino, Ukrainian
Battery Voltage: 3.7V
Battery Capacity: 1500mAh
Charging Time: 4~5 hours
Standby Time: 12 hours
Working Time: 3.5 hours
Power Adapter Output: DC 5V, 2A
Speaker & Microphone: Built-in
Ports: 1 x TF slot, 1 x Mini USB port, 2 x 3.5mm jacks

Ok, so the screen size is, well, perfect for a coaster, and it’s resistive, but it does run Android 4.0, and you get a 4GB TF card thrown in, which you can use as an even littler coaster.  Can’t resist? Click here to get one and help me out too.

Win a Dual Core JXD S7300 Dual Core from Willgoo gives you the chance to win one of these hot new JXD S7300 Dual Core Android Joy devices (you can’t actually buy one yet, but winning one is an even better optionSmile)

Win JXD S7300 Dual Core-How you want us to Sell it


yep, JXD S7300 dual core is still not available. But as the rumors said, it will be released before 2012 Christmas. We will bring it to you once this device is OK. But now we offer a chance for every body here in Dingoonity: You guys get chances to win one unit JXD S7300 sent from Willgoo- yes, when we retock it.

We need you tell us how you want us to sell this device when it is available. For example, we will sell in bundles such as:  JXD S7300+ 32GB external memory card+ Strap+ pouch bag+ screen protector or any combos you suggest us to list.

1. People can post his suggestions, and don´t worry if this is posted before( posted by you or others!)
2. Give some reasons about why will buy this bundle
3. All posts will become consider, and the most interesting answer (may be a mix of other answers) + some reason why this will become a good pack

Anyway, I think people here are smart and you can teach us the way we sell JXD S7300. You can post your comments here as many times as you want. But this "campaign" will last till we get JXD S7300. We will pick out the only lucky people whose comment are the best- his comment did bring us a practical and interesting way to sell JXD S7300. We will list his "selling way"- of course with JXD S7300 on Willgoo and create a special price for people here.

Remember do not talk those Unrealistic ways for us to sell JXD S7300. The ways only god can do that is not suitable for us. Let's back to the earth and start now!

Oh, may be I should introduce something about JXD S7300 since no every one know it. Check it below:

1. Dual core, 1.5GHz CPU, 1GB DDR3, 7.0-inch HD Screen (1024*600), 5 point capacitance
2. Android 4.1
3. 3 ways of controlling games: Buttons, Touch, Gravity
4. The second generation of Android Buttons Mapping: Double LR buttons, Two sticks, Visual control of 360 degree
5. Millions of Android games, 9 kinds of Simulator games
6. The second generation of Game cloud services
7. 3 ways of Surfing the Internet: Wi-Fi, Network Cable, 3G
8. HDMI Dual-screen display

- You will win the JXD S7300B- that is JXD S7300 dual core

Go to this thread on Dingoonity to enter!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dingoo Emulation Pack v1.4 released (some time ago) …

… a little late, but here is the link, for completeness:

Re: Dingoo Emulation Pack v1.3
« Reply #30 on: October 12, 2012, 08:24:15 AM »
Dingoo Emulation Pack v1.4 is available


DingooNES v 1.6 (09.10.2012)

    Added support for Game Genie cheat codes are added to the main menu item "Cheating"
    Minor changes and improvements in the GUI
    Added support for displaying the skins game cartridges
    Minor changes and improvements in code

DingooSMD v 1.2 (09.10.2012)

    Added support for the playback of audio tracks, Sega CD (mp3 format) added CDDA audio playback settings»
    Added support for Game Genie cheat codes are added to the main menu item "Cheating"
    Minor changes and improvements in the GUI
    Added support for displaying the skins game cartridges
    Minor changes and improvements in code

DingooSMS v 1.3 (09.10.2012)

    In emulation mode on the Game Gear screen space is a partial image of the Game Gear console
    Minor changes and improvements in the GUI
    Added support for displaying the skins game cartridges
    Minor changes and improvements in code

DingooSNES v 1.6 (09.10.2012)

    Added support for Game Genie cheat codes are added to the main menu item "Cheating"
    Minor changes and improvements in the GUI
    Added support for displaying the skins game cartridges
    Minor changes and improvements in code


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

News on Yinlips YDPG27 and YDPG29

Over at obscurehandhelds, news has broken on these 2 new devices from Yinlips.  Head on over to read more there:

What do you want from Dingoo-Scene?


Gidday faithful readers!

I started this site in March 2009 during a bad patch at work – back then, it was daily floggings until morale improved (it never did, by the way) and the one bright shining outlet for all that corporate repressed creativity was being able to do something fun, like follow a little known Chinese gadget called the Dingoo A320.  Well, fun for me, anyway.

Here’s the very first post:

March 2009.  Gee, Michael Jackson was alive!  Obama was popular! Openpandora wasn’t actually late yet, and Booboo still cared!

The little world that Dingoo occupied has mostly rocked on. In many ways though, the hunt continues, as we are no closer to the ultimate handheld retro gaming device for the miser in us all. After all, that’s the #1 joy of these things: that they cost less than a Dry Thai Feather Massage (without the special) single PS3 game.  In this space, the next big thing appears to be the GCW Zero, which repackages all that the A320 did – but properly - and runs on a faster chip to boot (punny, dude). I have no doubt, if it’s ever delivered, that it’ll please – for a while, at least until the next cheap, big thing. What’s not to love about this scene?

But enough about it all, let’s talk about … this site.  What would you like to see more of? Less of? What peeves you off about this place? What would bring you here more? What features might you find useful? What you you really want to know?

What do you want?

Tell me, frankly and without fear of blackbanning, mainly because: (1) you can always leave a comment as “anonymous”, and (2) I really do need all the readers I can get.

Let me be clear – it’s just l’il ol’ me doing the cutting and pasting blogging here, so no promises that anything anyone aspires to will ever be delivered, but I’d really like to know anyway, for when this really happens. If I get more than 100 comments (c’mon, each of you readers can leave 25 comments), I’ll post a picture of my 1/60 Perfect Grade Zeta Gundam doing Hey Sexy Lady.

App installation speed on GCW Zero


Published on 21 Oct 2012 by qbertaddict1
This video shows how quickly apps are installed on the GCW. I couldn't get too detailed but I think you will like the two games it installed with a single reboot!

Sonic Robo Blast 2 - OpenDingux

Sonic Robo Blast 2 - OpenDingux
October 30, 2012, 09:56:12 AM by qbertaddict
Shin-NiL is back on the scene with a great fan made sonic game.

- Unzip the file contents to your memory card;
- download files from the last version of the game (2.0.6) from ;
- copy the following files to the directory created in the first step:
- Run the file srb2OD.dge

Known Issues
- Despite a great effort in trying to optimize the code, the game slows down several times in the A320, especially in parts with many enemies on the screen;
- the music does not seem to be looping, then after a certain time it simply stop to play. If you feel uncomfortable with this situation, I advise you to turn off it in the settings.

NOTE: I believe the two problems mentioned above do not occur in GCW-Zero, especially the slow down, since its hardware specs are much better than the Dingoo A320. There may be many other problems not detected by me, since I have not tested the program extensively.

Discuss it here:
Author/Porter: Shin-NiL
Download Source:

Thanks to Dingoonity and Qbertaddict for the news!

Monday, October 29, 2012

New JXD S602 Custom Rom by Naxaras!

[SCRIPT] Update!! Naxeras 1.2 RCO for JXD s602 Root, Clean, Optimice and more!!!
« on: October 20, 2012, 07:28:19 PM »
                               JXD S602 Script R.C.O
                                 CREATED BY NAXERAS
                               V1.0 - FOR ICS 4.0.4

Usin this script is your responsability.

Use for your Own Risk

#  What does:        #

- Root easily your device.
- Remove chinese crap aplications keeping stock emulators using "GameEmulator"
- Full google Play by skelton.
- Install Support for init.d
- Add optimizations for battery, zipalign, wiffy, touchscreen etc...
- Install a new launcher that you can select from Apex, Nemus and Smart Launcher
- Install free emulators Mame4all, Mame4dorid, Gensoid, GbCoid, Gearoid,
  GameBoid, Nesoid, Snesoid, Snes 9x, Tiger Arcade.
- Install Setcpu and profile.
- Install Chainfire 3D and plugins
- Install esFileExplorer, Titanium Backup, Tunein Player, Lucky Patcher, Onlive

#  Before Begin:           #

- Use an stock firmware from here
- Make sure you have installed ADB drivers, you can use Super One Click (Carefull not for root!!!)
- Enable "USB DEBUGGING" from (Menu\Settings\Development sources)
- Enable "UNKNOWN SOURCES" from (Menu\Settings\Security)
- Connect your JXD S602 via USB

#  How to Install adb drivers:  #

The folder "Drivers ADB" have 2 folders, Moborobo and superone click.

Try to install Moborobo if fails use superone click

#  How to use:         #

Click in runme.bat and choose your options screen.

I recomends you first option.

#  How to Updata an stock firmware:    #

- Dowload
- Extract
- Connect your console via USB without sdcard inserted.
- Power on your console with power+start, if is the first time wait after some drivers installed.
- Open "G+MassProductionTool For GP330XX.exe"
- Click in open and select "burning_all_by_usb_OnlyNandPlatform.conf"
- Click in start download.

Another method, (only if you already installed the last firmware)

- Dowload
- Extract
- Go to folder S602_V4.0_V70_20120827new_NAND_0.18.1\Code\burnBinaries
- Copy firmware.bin to the root of sdcard.
- Power on the console with power+volume up
- In the recovery menu select (1) Upgrade with format data and cache area.
- Wait to install.

#  Greetings:            #

and you for use this script

#  Screenshots         #




Change root script that fix many problems in some machines.
Add percentage battery icon.
Add Super One Click and moborobo


Change mount point to external sdcard at /sdcard
Some fixes un build.prop
Added New Update Option


#  Downloads        #
Stock Firmware for JXDS602: Download
Naxeras Script v1.2: Download
Mirror: Download

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Get your GCW Videos here …

This is the place to be for the near future as units of the hotly anticipated GCW Zero actually ship:

Yinlips YDPG27 video

Followers of this thread on the Dingoonity forums have been hankering for more information about the YDPG 27 – what appears to be a supersized YDPG 17 -  since July 2012.  A recent video of it in action is now on Youtube:

Sadly, it doesn’t look like you can buy this yet, but keep coming back, we’ll keep you posted.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Willgoo selling UG007 Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean TV Box Bluetooth WiFi 8GB

A brand new Android TV Stick thing – but now with bluetooth!

The latest Android 4.1.1 JellyBean TV BOX COMING SOON!- supporting external 3G, with Bluetooth, Internal Memory 8GB. This device accepts pre-orders now. We will restock it at the end of this month and send out your order at that time.


Operation System: Google Android 4.1.1 JellyBean, support external 3G, with Bluetooth
CPU: RK3066 Dual ARM Cortex-A9 process. UP to 1.2GHZ, Mali-400MP4 Quad-core GPU
Internal Memory: Nand Flash 8GB
BT+Wifi Name: CDT-K25931
BT: MTK6622
3G: Support external3G
Memory External: Support External Storage via. Micro-SD card, Support up to 32GB
Networking: WiFi 802.11b/g/n 10/100Mbps With internal Antenna
Graphics Type: Integrated Graphics Mali400, Supports 1080P video (1920*1080)
Ports: 1 x USB 2.0 Host, 1 X micro usb host, 1 x Micro-SD card slot
Power: 90-230V,50/60Hz input, max. power: 30W, Output: 5V/2A
Dimensions: 10.1X3.8x1.3cm
Net Weight: 40g
Package weight/size: 320g/8.0X13.1X5.5cm
Color: Black/white
Android Market: Support Android Market Place
Flash Player: Support Adobe Flash 11
Gaming: Built-in 3D Accelerator. Support 3D gaming
Email: Gmail, POP3/SMTP/IMAP4. Emailing is easier than ever before when there is network connection
Video: Watch online video by connect to internet
local video playing: Video Decoding:Mpeg1/2/4.H.264,VC-1,Divx,Xvid,RM8/9/10,VP6
Video Formats: MKV,TS,TP,M2TS,RM/RMVB,BD-ISO,AVI,MPG,VOB,DAT,ASF,TRP,FLV etc full formats
Audio: Audio Decoding:DTS,AC3,LPCM,FLAC,HE-AAC
Picture: JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF
E-Book: PDF, TXT etc.

A steal at $79.99 from this Wilgoo link here!

mame4All for Opendingux Version 1.0

mame4All for OD Version 1.0
October 23, 2012, 11:03:11 AM by qbertaddict
Alaekmaul has released his version of mame4all on OD!


Hello all,
Here is a new emulator for OpenDingux, it is Mame4All, the multiple game arcade emulator
Some games are  full speed on A320, lot's of games run slow, sorry about that ...


Discuss it here:
Author/Porter: Alekmaul
Download Source:

Race Emulator For OPENDINGUX

Race Emulator For OPENDINGUX
October 21, 2012, 03:39:49 AM by qbertaddict
Alekmaul has ported RACE to OD. Race is a ngc/ngp emulator. The system has some great games on it. Check it out.

Note: Filetypes are ngp and ncp


Hello all,
Here is a new emulator for OpenDingux, it is Race, the Neogeo pocket emulator
Run full speed on A320.

Discuss it here:
Author/Porter: Alekmaul
Download Source:

Phantomcastle’s Italian JXD 5200 unboxing and review videos


Seagal releases updated NeoDingoo 0.1.2 and DingooVision 0.01

    NeoDingoo 0.1.2 and DingooVision 0.01

I´ve updated my neo geo pocket emu for dingoo a320 native firmware, and released a new emu, DingooVision, a Watara Supervision emulator (a great game boy b/w style console), here are the links:

neodingoo 012

dingovision 001

And here is my webpage if you want more info or a screenshot:


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Willgoo Thanksgiving Day Offer!

As a special thanksgiving day offer, our good mates at Willgoo are offering these cooler than Gangnam silicon console straps free with every android game console purchase!

Another great reason to grab the brand new YDPG19, YDPG17, a JXD 602 or a JXD S5110 to celebrate those founding fathers! (They really founded android, if you think about itSmile)

Kurmudgeon’s guide to rooting and removing bloatware for Yinlips YDPG19

A great guide for those looking to declutter and root their YDPG 19 … thank you Kurmudgeon!

Yinlips YDPG19 - How I Rooted Mine and Removed the Bloat. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!
« on: October 16, 2012, 04:48:54 AM »
I just received my Yinlips YDPG19 today.  Wow did this ship fast!  I had it in my hands after only ordering it 7 days ago.  Any way, as soon as I opened the box and got a charge on this thing, I did what I do best and started hacking away at it.  After a couple hours, I have it rooted and have all the apps installed that I want and many of the stock apps removed permanently.  If you want to know how I did everything, just read this quick guide below.

Note: I'm only providing this information so I can reference it later if I need to.  This worked perfectly for me, but if you mess up your own device, then Mr. Willgoo will get another sale when you re-buy one for yourself.  In other words, do this at your own risk, you alone are responsible for anything bad happening to your device.

This guide won't be for beginners.  From what I've seen by watching all the YouTube videos about the previous generation Yinlips devices, the ROM, Recovery Manager and software on this one is set up differently from the YDPG18, YDPG18A, etc.  Some of the notable differences I've found are as follows:

Cannot boot into recovery using the hardware keys.  I could only do this through ADB, but even then, the recovery manager was NOT very helpful.  (If you ever need to do this, just plug the device to your computer and run "adb reboot recovery".)
All of the emulators are hidden on this device and the GameManager program is a wrapper program containing all the binaries and associated files and libraries for these emulators.  Basically, this means I left it alone, so it's still there currently.  Later I'll probably back it up and try removing it to see if I need it for mapping buttons on the YDPG19.
The device is already rooted, but you won't be able to get access to the su binary pre-installed.  So you will have to hack like I did to take full control.  I tried installing the Superuser app, but it couldn't get privileges from the su binary.  Since this app couldn't, no other app could either.  The solution is simple though.
Oh yeah, one last thing difference.  From reading about the YDPG18 and YDPG18A, I was led to believe that those devices could not charge from USB and would only charge from the included power adapter.  Well, I can confirm that the YDPG19 does charge from USB; quite well actually.  I'm almost wondering why Yinlips even included the AC power adapter to begin with.

Prerequisites are as follows:

Knowledge of ADB and ADB or the Android SDK is already installed and ready to go (with the platform-tools folder).  ADB is quite simple.  If you want to continue and have never used ADB, Google the Android SDK and get it set up.  Then Google, "Android ADB" and get familiar with this awesome tool.
I have the path of the platform-tools folder added to my bash profile.  I'd recommend this if you are on Linux or with Windows you would add this folder to the environment path (right-click Computer, go to Properties, click on Advanced System Settings, click the Environment Variables button).  It's a quick Google search also.  This makes it so that you don't have to type the entire path to the adb or adb.exe file with each command like I do with my instructions below.
If you are using Windows, you will have to find a driver for use with ADB.  I'm sure this is a quick Google search as well.  If you are on Linux, you should be good with the Android SDK installed.
Go to this site: and download the current zipped su binary to your desktop.  The file will be named something similar to: "" but the version may vary.  As of today, Oct. 15th, 2012, that is the file name to download.

Root Guide:

Let's first fix root so we can give permissions to our rooted apps.  My directions are for Linux, but if you are using Windows, the directions should be very similar.  The only real differences between my instructions for Linux and what you will need to do when on Windows are:
You will need to hunt down drivers so that ADB can recognize the device in Windows
All the paths specified will use the Windows path style (using '\' instead of '/')
Replace all occurances of 'adb' with 'adb.exe'.

Let's start at the desktop where you should have downloaded the zip file we need:
Code: [Select]
cd ~/Desktop

Extract the zip file you downloaded from like so:
Code: [Select]

Now, let's organize and move the su binary you'll need to your desktop (note the period at the end):
Code: [Select]
mv system/bin/su .

Next we need to fix su on your android device, but first we need to remove your current su binary:  
Code: [Select]
adb shell

In adb:
Code: [Select]
rm /system/xbin/su

We're back to the commandline in Linux (command prompt in Windows).  We are now going to push the new su binary to the correct location(s) and fix it's permissions:
Code: [Select]
adb push su /system/bin/
adb shell

In adb:
Code: [Select]
chmod 06755 /system/bin/su
ln -s /system/bin/su /system/xbin/su

Lastly, reboot the device from the commandline in Linux:
Code: [Select]
adb reboot

Install Superuser App:

You have now successfully installed a su binary that Superuser app from the Play Store will work with properly.  So once you are back on the home screen in Android, fire up Google Play and install Superuser.  Start up Superuser and check if there are any updates to the binary.  It should say you have the current one.


Replace Superuser with SuperSu:

On my Yinlips, I went further and installed SuperSu from the Play Store.  When I started up SuperSu, I gave it permissions with Superuser when prompted.  Then I closed SuperSu.  After that I revisited the Play Store and uninstalled Superuser.  SuperSu now handles all my root permission requests.  Afterwards, I rebooted the device.

Install ES File Explorer and Browse as root:

Now, I recommend ES File Explorer over RootExplorer.  Once you install ES File Explorer, go into the settings.  Under the root settings, give ES File Explorer root access and grant the permissions when prompted.

Perform Some Cleanup:

From here on out, you are free to install Titanium Backup if you want to remove programs.  I personally removed many of the unwanted programs manually using ES File Explorer or adb from the /system/apps folder.  The apps I removed myself include the following:

- AngryBirds-Space.apk
- BaiduInput.apk
- com.anifree.anipet.aquarium_zh.apk
- com.qiyi.video3.2.apk
- fruitninja_2.apk
- iReader_V1.5.0.1.apk
- jixianmotuo.apk
- Mobile_QQ_for_Pad1_1.91.apk
- WowFish.apk

While some of these apps were free with the device, we all know they were pirated.  Not that I have an issue with pirating necessarily, but with these being pirated, they will never get updates.  I already had most of these purchased for my Galaxy Nexus, so I just reinstalled the ones I had onto my Yinlips

Remove the GaGa Media Player app Permanently!:

Next I went to Settings --> Applications and uninstalled all the apps I was able to.  To get rid of the GaGa media player app, after uninstalling it from within Settings, I fired up ES File Explorer and navigated to /vendor/extra.  For some reason whenever you uninstall the GaGa media player app, it reinstalls after a reboot.  Well, remove it from /vendor/extra and it won't any more.

Hope this helps someone else with the YDPG19 out!  Thanks Willgoo for all your help and quick responses to my ordering questions!