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A320 v GA330 video tests on

The title says it all; frame and pixel peepers, go here:

sz81 for Dingux updated

sz81 updated

February 27, 2011, 01:39:13 AM by qbertaddict

sz81 has been updated!


New version
button mapping

Discuss it here:
Author/Porter: Ricardo Leite
Download Source:

SiEnCE ports The Clue to Dingux

The Clue!

February 27, 2011, 01:32:46 AM by qbertaddict

SiENcE has ported THE CLUE! If you are a fan of adventure games dont miss this!


The Clue! (Der Clue!) from 1994 by the famous neo Software Produktions GmbH ported to Dingux (Dingoo).
Have you ever wanted to know what it was like to be a master criminal without having to actually get your hands dirty? Now you can find out by playing The Clue!, a deliciously deviant throwback to the 1950s English mafia. Released by Neo Software in 1994 as Der Clou! in Germany, this uniquely complex adventure/strategy game allows plenty of opportunities to plan the perfect crime.

Discuss it here:!-ported-to-dingux/
Author/Porter: SiENcE

VICE C64 Emulator for Dingux updated!

Y’all know I have a soft spot in my heard for this machine … now, joy oh joy, an update:

Vice updated to 2.3

February 26, 2011, 05:39:20 PM by jagotu

Update released! Dunno what has changed ;)


VICE is an emulator collection which emulates the C64, the C64-DTV, the C128, the VIC20, almost all PET models, the PLUS4 and the CBM-II (aka C610). It runs on Unix, MS-DOS, Win32, OS/2, Acorn RISC OS, BeOS, QNX 6.x, Amiga, GP2X or Mac OS X machines.
Change list:
VICE, the best C64 emulator available for many platforms today got an update to version 2.3.
Among the changes the VICE developers have also implemented the emulation of the Toshiba T6721A speech chip and it is now featured in the plus/4 emulator.
Furthermore the ReSid module got a major update.
Some other changes are:
    * added x64sc, the accurate C64 emulator;
    * drive improvements, including weak bit emulation;
    * CRT Emulation (former “PAL emulation”) is now available regardless of video mode or -chip and works in all emulators;
    * added “True aspect ratio” option;
    * sound buffer overflows reduced and the error replaced with a warning;
    * various monitor improvements (io details, expansion port status …);
    * removed little used Emulator ID feature;
    * VIA wrap handling rewritten to fix problems with timer 2;
    * added autostart option to do LOAD ,8 instead of ,8,1;
    * improved accuracy of CIA interrupts. (6526/6526A selectable).
ReSid changes are:
    * emulation of all known pipeline delays for full cycle accuracy;
    * new shift register model based on revectorized die photograps;
    * accurate DAC models based on revectorized die photograps;
    * emulation of floating waveform DAC input for waveform 0;
    * advanced 6581 transistor level filter model based on revectorized photograps.

Discuss it here:
Author/Porter: sweetlilmre

Dfiler for native - release r20

Dfiler for native - release r20

February 26, 2011, 05:28:34 PM by jagotu

Update of dfiler, file browser for native, has come. Don't except new features, as it's a bugfix.


Bug fix release:
* reduced copy buffer size - progress bar more useful for large files than last release
* can now copy files/directories from the root of a disk
Extract into a directory and it is ready to use. When in (internal disk) A:\ the B button will switch to (miniSD disk) B:\ and vice-versa.
NOTE exec and rmdir are not possible with the Native OS.

Discuss it here:
Author/Porter: clach04
Download Source:

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Hope for Dingux on Gamebox

From Dingoonity:

Re: Gamebox GBX-1001

« Reply #91 on: February 21, 2011, 10:25:48 AM »

Not really. It's been proven that we can replace the internal software of the Gamebox using USB debug mode. It's pretty clear that getting Dingux running will not be too hard because the hardware is quite similar to the Dingoo. Right now, the guys in the spanish forum are trying to get a clean dump of the stock software, which would allow us to experiment with linux and go back to stock later. This will just need some time...

« Last Edit: February 21, 2011, 12:31:17 PM by Xtreme2k »

Aothello Dingux

this news comes from our fellow comrades-in Dingoo Mania , highest on the islands of Howl ye in France. Aoyamalaunched for the system's native Dingoo, the port of the game Aothello . The game, originally ported to the South Korean island GP32 is based on the classic board game Reversi (or Othello). The goal is to surround the opponent's pieces from one side to the other and turn them to your color. The game ends when you complete the 64 squares of the board or when you can no longer turn the pieces of their color.

Below are the game controls:

Directional Pad - Move cursor
A - Move the pieces
Select - Return to Menu / Exit game

The player can choose to play with another player at the same Dingoo, or play against the computer. In this option there are three difficulty levels, where level number 1 the easiest and level number 3 the most difficult.

Click here to follow the discussion on the game at Dingoo Mania


PS: I would like to thank a very special way, Comrade coccijoe and team Dingoo Mania for having informed us about this release. Merci pour l'info, mes amis! =)

Dingoo GA330 Firmware released

The official list of changes made in this new version:

- Added games Hell Strike II, Dou Dizhu, Lubi Lubi & 7 Days: Salvation (all of them with the new file extensions)
- The wireless connection has been improved
- Added Super Nintendo emulator (SFC)
- The file "" no longer appears in the list of games
- A dialog box will appear whenever you delete a specific application or file
- Added option "Applications" from the main menu
- Added the section "Single player"
- The file manager has been moved. Now this option is located under "Settings"
- Added option to control volume. This option is located under "Settings"


MythomizeR releases TiznajoS Graphics Editor for dingux

TiznajoS Graphics Editor 1.0

Posted by Pedro Junior PA - February 21, 2011

Dingueiros Comrades,

MythomizeR launched the TiznajoS Graphics Editor . The purpose of this program, which was released to run on Dingux is quite simple and interesting at the same time: it is a 2D graphics editor.

Soon below are the installation mode, the controls and future updates of this program (the author's words):

+ Installation:

To install simply copy the file "tiznajosge.dge" into "local" folder. That's enough to install the program.

To create a shortcut on GMenu2x just copy the folder "tiznajosge" and paste into "local / apps" and in doing so create a shortcut to the program ("tiznajosge.dge).

+ Controls:

- Display mode:
Directional Pad - Move cursor
A - Bonds a tile, 24 by 24 pixels
B - Copies of a tile 24 by 24 pixels
L - Go to the File menu
R - Enter the editor

- Editor:
Directional Pad - Move cursor
A - Draws a pixel with color "A"
B - Draws a pixel with color "B"
L - Returns to the view
R - Enter the palette

- Palette:
Directional Pad - Move cursor
A - Selects the color for the button "A"
B - Select the color for the button "B"
L - Returns to the editor
Select - Selects the next palette

- File Menu
X - Create a new image
A - Loads an image from memory
B - Save the image in memory
R - Return to the view
L - Exits the program

+ Future updates of the program:

- Some new effects on the tiles, rotation, mirror effect vertical and horizontal (display mode)
- Option dropper (Editor)
- Highlight color transparent (the View & Editor)
- Range selector color (Palette)
- Undo / Redo (the View & Editor)

Click here to follow the discussion on the program in Dingoonity


Open syabon action dingux

Open Syobon Action for Dingux

February 22, 2011, 05:51:38 PM by jagotu

Mario-like game with cat as a main character... This looks really funny.


Open Syobon Action - a open source version of Syobon Action.
Syobon action (also known as Cat Mario) is a 2D Japanese freeware video game notoriously known on the Internet for its extremely difficult levels.
Left/Right - moving,
Up - jump,
Start - start the game (without pause!),
Select - exit,
X - run.
Known bugs:
- Bad quality of picture
- Bad quality of text
Change log:
1.0 beta - first version. Beta!

Discuss it here:
Author/Porter: Poligrafowicz
Download Source:

sz81 zx81 emulator for dingux updated

This is usable version of sz81, because you can exit it without restarting the whole unit or using telnet;)


New version
Key features:
SELECT + L  Hardware Options Menu
SELECT + A  Save State
SELECT + B  Load State

Discuss it here:
Author/Porter: ricleite

Friday, February 18, 2011

More pictures of inside a Gamebox

gamebox exposed

Snoopyk Jan has very kindly gutted his $54 Gamebox! Click here for more:

Anyone know what this is?:


EasyRPG - Alpha Release (rev. 1305) Dingux

EasyRPG - Alpha Release (rev. 1305)

Dingueiros Comrades,

Master Shin-Nil released a alpha of the port program EasyRPG . The program, which runs on Dingux, is an interpreter portable RPG Maker . I leave the master explains, just over the hill, more about this release and tamém about installing the program on your Dingoo:

As mentioned in the post above, here's a version alpha (rev. 1305) of EasyRPG. Actually it is already available for other platforms since the 8.2 days, but have not had much free time during the week to compile it for Dingux.

Before anything, it is worth remembering that the battle scenes are not yet functional. I know that's what most of you expected to version alpha , but they only began to be outlined and some revisions later. Moreover, still are not working the load and save, vehicles and some menus are only implemented in version RPG2K.

Unfortunately, there are also some problems unique to dingoo: for reasons unknown so far, everything was much slower, even doing overclocking and the bottom of the windows are now discolored. I am deeply sorry for this, but could not solve:(

Below is a list of features for end users:

- Improvements in command Moves [ghabry, glynnc]
- Improvements in the scene shop [ghabry, glynnc, niltonpd (Shin-NIL)
- Fixed bugs in the code TileMap [glynnc]
- Optimizations / corrections in the game interpreter [ghabry, zhek]
- Unicode support [ghabry, glynnc] image support XYZ [glynnc]
- Support Picture [glynnc]
- Fixed rendering 16bit [glynnc, zhek]
- Port for PSP [zhek]
- Fixed full screen and 320 × 240 (standard resolution) [zhek]
- Editor: All the major elements of GUI created [fdelapena]

Installation Instructions EasyRPG (Dingux)

1. Copy the directory "easyrpg" and all its contents to your card miniSD ;

2. Copy the entire contents of the RTPS original RPG Maker, which were previously installed on your computer, to the respective folders: easyrpg/rtp/2000 for RTP and the RPGM2k easyrpg/rtp/2003 RPGM2k3 for the RTP. The structure should look like this:easyrpg/rtp/2000/Backdrop , easyrpg/rtp/2000/Battle , etc ...;

Installation Instructions for Each Game (Dingux)

1. Copy the game folder to be tested for the root folder easyrpg , getting easyrpg / jogoteste ;

2. Copy the executable dingoo ( easyrpg.dge ) to the game directory (the same where the file RPG_RT.exe ) and create a link to it on your favorite launcher, gmenu2x in my case. To make it easier, the file easyrpg.dge can be renamed to the name of the game in question.

For correct display of special characters in some languages, you must edit the file RPG_RT.ini,adding a new tag:

Encoding = codepage

For games in Portuguese, replace "codepage" by 1252 , for example, and save the file.

Click here to access the original post about this release on the personal website of Shin-Nil


NOTE: Special thanks to reader Horace Day , best known for Nenoboy , for having warned about this release. Thanks, buddy! =)

sz81 – zx81 emulator for Dingux

User launches Brazilian port ZX81 emulator

Dingueiros Comrades,

The Brazilian fighter Ricardo Leite launched Dingux to the port of a ZX81 emulator. This port , based on the current version of the emulator sz81 , emulates the PC's English ZX81 Sinclair Research . This microcomputer, which was marketed from 1981 to 1984, was a bestseller at the time. In Brazil there were clones of that machine with different amounts of memory configurations (TK82, TK82c, the TK85 Microdigital and also the CP200 and CP200s Prológica ).

Below are some controls on the emulator:

X - Space
A + X - Write the symbol for pound ("£")
A + START - Changes the cursor K to F
R - Delete
Directional Left / Right - Walk the cursor on what is written
START - Enter key

Ricardo, via email, told me he chose to port this emulator emulation because it makes the mods of hardware and also by having a virtual keyboard.

Still, he warns "it is not possible to close / close the emulator. For the user to be able to properly close the emulator it will connect the USB cable to computer and, via telnet , a command to close or reboot . You can also use the buttonreset the Dingoo for it. But it is not very advisable, since this, according to the author sometimes confuses the file system Dingux.

Finally, the author said he intends, if he does not go through any setback, finish the port of the emulator this weekend, and if so, to solve these problems that is in port today (like the problem described above and improve the button mapping emulator).

Click here to follow the discussion on the emulator on official Dingoo Brazil


Note: The following two videos here on the emulator made by Ricardo. The first video, shorter shows the emulator in action and in the second video, a little more extensive, Ricardo talks more about the project itself and also makes a demonstration of the emulator -

Thanks to Ricardo and Dingoobr for the news!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

nLove Dingux

nLove 0.7.0 Final (Love2D) for Dingoo

Today at 06:11:10 AM by qbertaddict

SiENcE has released a new version nLove.


nLove is the handheld version of LÖVE Game Engine easy game development runtime.
please code some more Games using nLove

Discuss it here:
Author/Porter: SiENcE
Download Source:

Booboo interviewed!

Booboo was interviewed by Horaceday on 15 Feb 2011, providing some insights into the progress of his GA330 work.  Click here for the interview.

Dingux commander 2.0

DinguxCommander 2.0

Posted by Pedro Junior PA - February 16, 2011

Dingueiros Comrades,

Mia has launched a new program update DinguxCommander . This program is a file manager for the system Dingux.In this new version (2.0) the author made some fixes bugs in the program that had changed the mapping of the buttons, added options to visualize and execute a file and information regarding disk space.

Click here to follow the discussion on the program in Dingoonity


Thanx to!

More progress on Dingux for the Dingoo GA330

Booboo reports:

Booting the GA330

Just a few tech comments I left out in the previous post due to lack of time... but after a quick clarification about ChinaChip:
They have a lot of open fronts in a very competitive market and a limited set of resources, I assume that if the project has been put on hold is because they had no choice. Note however that they're still providing information and support, but with some limitations.
As I said, I have schematics, docs (which suck but are just what they have) and BSP code. I'm now working on the tools to boot code on the GA330 through the USB port, and as soon as I get it working and a kernel booting with a serial console, I'll publish it all (but I still believe it will be of little use to other developers without the docs and BSP). I don't like to be the bottleneck, but that's how things are now.
Now for the tech details:
The CC1800, like the JZ4732 and other SoCs alike, has several boot modes implemented in the internal ROM. The code checks the state a of a few pins and then proceeds to boot from NAND, NOR, SD or USB. Actually, USB boot means the ROM code sets up the USB port in device mode and waits for instructions. You can get CPU info, upload code to SRAM, and execute it, that's pretty much all.
Note that I wrote SRAM, not SDRAM. That's why you usually need a two stage process to boot code via USB: upload and execute a tiny piece of code to SRAM which configures and initializes the SDRAM controller (and some other peripherals) so that memory is accessible, and then upload and execute the large piece of code, the kernel, to SDRAM.
Surprisingly, in the two CC1800 based machines I have, the GA330 and an HD8900, the bootsel[2] pin is tied to 3.3V. This means you can't enter USB boot mode. The bootsel[1] pin is connected to the down input of the d-pad, which means that switching the GA330 on while keeping down pressed you enter SD boot mode. In this mode the CC1800 loads the content of sectors 2-17 (a total of 16 sectors, 8KB) from the SD card to SRAM and executes it.
It turns out that due to some errors in the CC1800 design (not sure if it's the silicon or the ROM code) the USB0 port being used wasn't stable. Since the ROM code can't be changed, the hardware designers were forced to use some other alternate boot mode, and went with SD. Now, if you put in the SD a modified version of the USB boot code in ROM which uses USB1 instead of USB0, you're back on track and can complete the flash burn process through the USB1 port.
(note that in SoC of this complexity it is very usual to have tens or even hundreds of errors which are generally described by the manufacturer together with workarounds in the corresponding errata sheets, see the LM3S9B96 from Texas Instruments for instance)
Needing to have an SD card inserted to enter USB boot mode is a small inconvenience for the manufacturer, but can be a blessing for final users, because:

  1. It makes a dual boot unnecessary. You will be able to boot dingux from the SD card without any modifications to the GA330.
  2. Even if a dual boot is necessary, the install method would require only an SD card (no more USB driver madness).

For us developers it's an insignificant inconvenience. We need USB boot because it makes compiling and testing code very easy, and we just happen to need an SD card inserted all the time. Note that the partition table in sector 0 of the SD card is not affected, so you can set the first partition to start anywhere beyond sector 17 and have an usable data partition while still keeping the boot code in sectors 2-17.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Update from Booboo on Dingux for A330

Update on dingux for the GA330

It's been way too long since the last entry. First I delayed it a bit just to have something actually substantial to write, and then then stretched it a bit longer, and well, here we are.
After coming back from China I had a list of tasks I had agreed with the ChinaChip management and engineers to get dingux up and running on the A330 in the near term. There was also the possibility of they sponsoring the development. To make a long story short, I was willing to anything between working on my spare time for free and being hired full time, and I was expecting something in between: I'm way too expensive for full time dedication (plus it's probably too soon for that) and while I'd be happy to work in my spare time, that would of course come with no commitment to any schedule or even to completion.
Since then, there's been some kind of priority rearrangement in ChinaChip and the "dingux on the A330" project as been put on hold. That means that the engineers that would do their part (mostly adapting their firmware to allow comfortable dingux installation in the internal flash) aren't available at the moment to work on it. And delivery of the required information to get a kernel port to the CC1800 running has been... well... slow. I got the most important part a couple of weeks ago. And no sponsoring. So I'll do my best but again, don't hold your breath, since as of now my job and my family allow only for a very limited amount of spare time.
The partial CC1800 programmer's manual I've got is 38 pages long. And consists of a couple of paragraphs describing each peripheral and tables of registers. Only the names of the registers and the bit fields. All in Chinese. The Texas Instruments OMAP3503 programmer's manual is +3000 pages. Go figure.
Not that I'm really complaining, since I truly believe that's what they have from the people that actually designed the CC1800. The cheese is in the BSP, which is code, which means if something is not properly done or downright broken you can't fix it, since you don't have a reference programmer's manual.
I wanted to end this post with some tech details about the A330 boot process and memory map, but I have to leave now, so it'll go in the next post.

Dfile Dingux File manager


February 10, 2011, 04:39:07 PM by qbertaddict

This guy is a releasing machine. Here is another filemanager for DINGUX. Once again thanks to for the news


Mizuki Ray threw for the Dingux, the program dfile . This program is a file manager and allows, in very practical ways, copy, move, delete and rename files, and also create new folders. He certainly has the same look that his "colleague" function, Dingux Commander . But like him, this program will be very handy when it comes to organizing Dingux.
Below are the commands of the program:
A - Open the folder
B - Back to the main folder
X - Move the selected object
Y - Copies the selected object
L - Displays information about the selected object
R - Display information about current space on the memory card and the size of the selected folder
Select + B - Delete file
Select + X - Rename file
Select + Y - Create a folder
Select + Start - exit the program
I want to tell here that copies files from one folder to another, it takes a considerable time to complete. Because of the program's author does not recommend doing this with a larger file size. Another important thing that should be spoken here is that the author recommends using the source VL-Gothic-Regular ( TrueType ). According to him, the program works better with this unit installed. If want to download this font,

Discuss it here:

Easytext – text reader for Dingux


February 10, 2011, 04:35:51 PM by qbertaddict

Here is a text reader for DINGUX
Thanks again to for the news


NOTE: google translation.
Mizuki Ray threw for the Dingux, the program Easytext . This program is a simple text reader that at the time, just open text files with encoding Unicode UTF-8 . One of its main functions is to save when exiting the program, the text position, allowing the user to re-read the item he was reading.
Below are the controls of the program:
Directional Up / Down - Scrolls text
Directional Left / Right - Function Page Up / Page Down
A - Go down the page
L / R - Go to the top / bottom of the text
Select - Quit program

Discuss it here:

Hey, you can throw away that Kindle now …

Gambette – Gameboy/Gameboy Colour Emulator for Dingux


February 10, 2011, 04:30:23 PM by qbertaddict

Another GB/GBC has been released for DINGUX. Thanks to for the news.


NOTE: this is a google translation
Dingueiros Comrades,
Mizuki Ray threw for the Dingux the port Emulator Gambatte . This emulator emulates the late games handheld console Game Boy , Nintendo.
Below are the commands in the emulator:
Directional - Directional Game Boy
A - A button on the Game Boy
Y - B Button on the Game Boy
X - Save the running game on a slot
A - Speed up the game (still does not work very well)
Select - Select button on the Game Boy
Start - Start Button on the Game Boy
L - Saves the current position of the game
R - Load the saved game position
Select + Start - Exits the emulator

Discuss it here:
Author/Porter: Mizuki R

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dingoo 320 NES Skins

Check out camaro8000’s Dingoo A320 skin:

Hi, i've created some skins for the DIngoo a320.
Download link: --coming soon--

Dingux Brickomania


Today at 06:23:29 AM by qbertaddict

Poligrafowicz has created a new game for us.


I made a BrickShooter(check the page for instructions how to play) clone for Dingux.
In menu:
A, Start - confirm
B, Select - cancel
In game:
Arrows - move cursor
X -  fire a brick from the upper sidebar
B -  fire a brick from the lower sidebar
Y -  fire a brick from the left sidebar
A -  fire a brick from the right sidebar
Select - go back to menu
Start - pause
Hold - turn off display (doesn't work right yet)
Known bugs:
- Brightness control does nothing
- Hold doesn't turn off all graphics and doesn't turn off the backlight

Discuss it here:
Author/Porter: Poligrafowicz
Download Source:

Monday, February 7, 2011

Dingoo features in Folha de S Paulo

One thing I love about the Dingoo is how it just keeps popping up where it might least be expected. This time, it gets prestige coverage in one of Brazil’s most influential papers:

Folha de S.Paulo, known simply as Folha, is a Brazilian daily newspaper founded and continuously published in São Paulo since February 19, 1921. Owned by the Frias de Oliveira family since 1962, it has Brazil's largest circulation since 1986.[2] Alongside O Globo and O Estado de S. Paulo, Folha is considered one of the most influential newspapers in the country.[3][4]

The newspaper is considered to have played a major role during the military dictatorship. With the return of press freedom, it became an important channel for public expression. Folha also had an important role during the impeachment of President Fernando Collor de Mello in 1992.[5] Nowadays, it remains a very important newspaper, with a higher level of influence among other media vehicles in Brazil, the reason why it was chosen by Wikileaks to publish the United States diplomatic cables in the country, alongside O Globo.[6]

And of course, now it’s proven its credibility, by featuring the Dingoo A320 … if your interest is piqued, go here to read it:

By the end of this year, let’s get it into the New York Times. C’mon. Thanks to Dingoo Brazil for the above news!

Gamebox GBX 1001 – List of built in games

You at least get these games out of the box in the built in memory of the Gamebox:

Games list:

  • Metroid Zero Mission (GBA)
  • Mario Kart (GBA)
  • 1941 - Counter Attack (CPS1)
  • Three Wonders (CPS1)
  • Blue's Journey (Neo Geo)
  • Baseball Stars 2 (Neo Geo)
  • Burning Fight (Neo Geo)
  • Captain Commando (CPS1)
  • Carrier Air Wing (CPS1)
  • Capcom World 2 (CPS1)
  • Cyber-Lip (Neo Geo)
  • Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (CPS1)
  • Dynasty Wars (CPS1)
  • Football Frenzy (Neo Geo)
  • Final Fight (CPS1)
  • Forgotten Worlds (CPS1)
  • Garou: Mark of the Wolves (Neo Geo)
  • Ghouls'n Ghosts (CPS1)
  • Goal! Goal! Goal! (Neo Geo)
  • Knights of the Round (CPS1)
  • The King of Dragons (CPS1)
  • The King of Fighters 97(Neo Geo)
  • The King of Fighters ?(Neo Geo)
  • Knights of Valour (MAME)
  • Last Resort (Neo Geo)
  • Mahjong Kyoretsuden (Neo Geo)
  • Muscle Bomber Duo - Ultimate Team Battle (CPS1)
  • Mega Man: The Power Battle (CPS1)
  • Mercs (CPS1)
  • Metal Slug 3 (Neo Geo)
  • Metal Slug 5 (Neo Geo)
  • Metal Slug X (Neo Geo)
  • Magic Sword - Heroic Fantasy (CPS1)
  • Mega Twins (CPS1)
  • Mutation Nation (Neo Geo)
  • NAM-1975 (Neo Geo)
  • Ninja Commando (Neo Geo)
  • Nemo (CPS1)
  • Neo Geo Cup '98: The Road to the Victory  (Neo Geo)
  • Neo Drift Out: New Technology (Neo Geo)
  • Oriental Legend (MAME)
  • Pang! 3 (CPS1)
  • Pleasure Goal (Neo Geo)
  • Pnickies (CPS1)
  • Pulstar (Neo Geo)
  • The Punisher (CPS1)
  • Quiz and Dragons (CPS1)
  • Quiz Tonosama no Yabou 2 Zenkoku-ban (CPS1)
  • Strikers 1945 Plus (Neo Geo)
  • Samurai Shodown V (Neo Geo)
  • Street Fighter II - The World Warrior (CPS1)
  • Street Fighter II - Champion Edition (CPS1)
  • Street Fighter II Turbo - Hyper Fighting (CPS1)
  • Lansquenet (Neo Geo)
  • Saturday Night Slam Masters (CPS1)
  • Super Sidekicks (Neo Geo)
  • Super Sidekicks 3: The Next Glory (Neo Geo)
  • Super Sidekicks 4: The Ultimate 11 (Neo Geo)
  • Strider (CPS1)
  • SNK Vs. CAPCOM Super Plus (Neo Geo)
  • Top Player's Golf (Neo Geo)
  • Neo Turf Masters (Neo Geo)
  • Tecmo World Soccer '96 (Neo Geo)
  • U.N. Squadron (CPS1)
  • Varth - Operation Thunderstorm (CPS1)
  • Willow (CPS1)
  • Warriors of Fate (CPS1)
  • Zed Blade (Neo Geo)

That’s less than a buck a game:)

Thanks to Frank_fjs at Dingoonity for making this!

Dingux commander file manager for Dingux

Finally a file manager for DINGUX arrives!


• Introduction
DinguxCommander is a file manager for Dingoo (Dingux).
It uses two vertical panels side by side, one being the source and the other the destination, like many 'commander-style' file managers such as Norton Commander or Midnight Commander.
DinguxCommander allows to copy, move and delete multiple files.
• Controls
Up/Down: Move the cursor up/down
Left/Right: Go to the left/right panel
L/R: Page up/page down
A: Open highlighted directory
B: Go to parent directory
Y: Select highlighted item. Selected items are displayed in red.
X: Open action menu, allowing to:
    - Copy selected items to destination directory
    - Move selected items to destination directory
    - Delete selected items
SELECT: Open selection menu, allowing to:
    - Select all items
    - Select no items
    - Quit program
START: Open highlighted directory in destination panel.
    If a file is highlighted, open current directory in destination panel.
For more information, read file README.txt.

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Author/Porter: Mia

Gamebox videos – good news, and bad news!

Here at Dingoo-scene, we’ve been waiting anxiously for news of the first Gamebox reviews. Waiting so anxiously, as it happens, that we missed the first video from, uh, a week ago:

and indeed, several more:


Here are some (somewhat unhelpful) pics of the insides:

… all of which makes me think to fly over to Hongkers, so I can instantly grab one from the source, where such gaming goodness can emerge, overnight, with no fanfare, from the primeval manufacturing stew that gave us all the Dingoos there ever were.

That is until of course, I realised that some more news has emerged on this unit, and it’s not all good:

If you are reading this, stop thinking about buying this!!
You CAN'T play MAME games, NO WAY, only pre-installed ones.
Only GBA roms from SD.
The USB ports ARE NOT USB ports! (the ONLY port, second one isn't fake, it is a dummy!)
Sorry, but thinking about get money SELLING MAME ROMS (legal??) DRIVES ME VERY BAD!

So, let’s repeat that, minus the histrionics:

* not-quite-functioning USB ports

* can’t load ROMS, except GBA Roms, from SD Card slot

On the ROM loading issue:

Just received mine today,
For people wondering: Yes, it does play retail GBA cartridge if you insert them on the slot I just tried with rayman 3.
EDIT: Just tried to put my dingoo A320 microSD on it... Froze on GameBox Logo, fixed by reboot without MicroSD (Probably too much files I'll check compatibility one by one ^^).
EDIT2: Okay here are the results from my Dingoo msd card:
NES: Appear on the menu, but FAIL to launch (I guess it's intended to make appear gba pocketnes embedded games).
Anyway that console is very certainly updateable wait and see.

More tidbits:

* cpu confirmed as JZ4755

* movie playback can be choppy

Holding down SELECT + START on boot gives this:

Came across this tonight - hold down the Select and Start buttons on the controller when turning on and an info screen comes up. Mine has the following details:
Device Model: JZ4755
Device Version: V1.0Build7c1
U Disk Size: 1.770 GB
U Disk Space: 298.944 MB
External Card Size: 0 BYTE
External Card Space: 0 Byte

- mmm, quite Dingoo-like!

For more generally, go here:

and here:

So, there you have it. The state of play one week in. Let’s hope interest in this device continues, because I see nothing but potential. That, and an accentuated sense of my own inability to code and do anything about hacking this wide open …

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

PC Engine/TG16/Turbo Grafx emulator HuGo for Native updated

Dingux Hu-Go for native has been updated!


Dingux Hu-Go for Native.
Unzip the zip file, into:
    A:\GameD Games\
this should mean a directory is created called:
    A:\GameD Games\DingooHuGo
Side news; the native sdk now has working gz support along with working open/read support.

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Author/Porter: clach04